Postal boxes with printing on the outside - and on the inside

This entry was posted 29 juni 2021
Postal boxes with printing on the outside - and on the inside

2020 turned out to be a great year for e-commerce - for better and worse. Still more people shop online which means that the demand for packaging for shipment is on the rise.

We offer several different packaging solutions for shipping, but the most popular choice, by far, is our postal boxes which can be branded with your logo using hot-foil stamp. The postal boxes are versatile and give you the opportunity to give your customers an experience that surpasses their expectations.

5 postal box benefits:

  1. Ship your orders safely
    The sturdy cardboard and the robust construction protect the contents during transport.

  2. Give your customers an Unboxing experience
    With some tissue paper, a nice logo print, ribbon, and decoration, your customers will get an amazing first impression!

  3. An eco-friendly choice
    All our postal boxes are made from FSC®-certified cardboard and water-based glue, which means that they can be recycled – by you or the recipient!

  4. Available in many sizes
    You can find the perfect postal box for your business needs. We offer many different sizes and heights - some only 19 mm high, which means that they can be sent as a large letter.

  5. Delivered flat-packed
    The postal boxes are delivered flat-packed, (in other words not assembled), which means that they take up very little space in your warehouse/storage space. And they are of course easily assembled - no tape required.

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Create an unboxing experience using a postal box!

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Tip: Print a small greeting inside, or on the outside of, the postal box

By default, we print your logo, a greeting, or a message inside the postal box, but we can print on the outside instead if you want us to. We can also print on both the inside and the outside - it only costs a small surcharge!

With the postal boxes, you get the possibility of creating personalized packaging that highlights your brand. Here, you can be really creative with your messages and your graphics, so the packaging for shipment becomes a natural part of your marketing.

If you want to give the recipient a feeling of curiosity or excitement, you can do it by printing your logo or a message on the outside of the box. Consider the location and the size of the print, so it won't end up being covered by a freight label - what a shame that would be!

Postal boxes with printing on the outside - and on the inside
Postal boxes with printing on the outside - and on the inside

Examples of messages:
”Say hello to your new favourites!”
“Filled with love… and other cool stuff”
“You’ve got great taste”
“This package is happy to see you, too”

You can choose to have a fun message or a greeting printed inside the postal box - and you can ask people to follow you on social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

It is a good idea to use beautiful fonts and small icons to support your message and create an eye-catching graphic. Read more about logo printing on postal boxes and see more graphical examples here >

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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