Unboxing and free graphic template: "Thank you" cards for your shipment

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Unboxing and free graphic template:

Do you sell jewellery online? Make sure your packaging is fun to unpack! Get advice on how to give your customers an unboxing experience!

There are many ways to give your customers an unboxing experience. Why not give them a great first impression, when they collect the package that you have sent? Unboxing is a popular phenomenon right now. If you frequently use YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or similar, you often come across unboxing videos.

For an online store, the most important aspect of unboxing is the packaging for shipment. This is where you can stand out from the crowd and show that you have thought carefully about packaging, sustainability, etc.

You can add an extra touch to your shipping and packaging with just a few elements. Read on to learn how to do it. You don't have to incorporate all the ideas - a little goes a long way.

Unboxing and free graphic template:


Unboxing and free graphic template:

7 tips for an unboxing experience

  1. Print a greeting inside your postal box
    If you send your jewellery in postal boxes, why not print a nice greeting inside of them that will be visible when the lid is opened? See our selection of postal boxes >

  2. Tissue paper
    Wrap the package in tissue paper for maximum wow effect! This will also add an extra layer of suspension when your customer unwraps it. See our selection of tissue paper >

  3. Ribbon
    Use a stylish ribbon to close the jewellery box, or to keep the tissue paper wrapping in place. A ribbon adds an elegant touch and shows that you are meticulous about details. See our selection of ribbons >

  4. Gift toppers
    Decorate your package with stickers in the shape of stars, flowers etc. If you are using a ribbon, you can also add a wooden figure on a string, a small branch or a dried flower. Let your decoration take inspiration from the changing of the seasons - you can even add a gift enclosure card. See our selection of wrapping accessories >

  5. Add a goodie
    Who doesn't love a free gift? You can add a small promotional item to your shipment - perhaps a couple of sweets, a piece of chocolate, or a branded ballpoint pen?

  6. Add a greeting
    Show your appreciation of the customer by adding a little greeting – it could be a "thank you for your order" postcard, a promotional code, or a card suggesting to follow your company on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

  7. Use labels with logo print
    As an alternative to postcards, you could also use labels with logo print or with short messages like:
    - ”Say hello to your new favourite!”
    - “Snap & Share – tag us on Instagram”
    - ”You’ve got great taste!”
    - “Thank you for your purchase”

Free graphic template:

We have made three "thank you" cards in different colour themes, which you can print and send with your orders. Each card has one or more editable input fields, which allows you to personalize them by adding your website address, your Instagram or Facebook name.

You could print the cards on heavy paper - and if you have the time, you could add a personal greeting on the back.

Unboxing and free graphic template: White theme >
(Can be printed on plain brown paper or coloured paper)

Unboxing and free graphic template: Rose theme >

Unboxing and free graphic template: Terracotta theme >

Unboxing and free graphic template: Blue theme >

This is how you do it:

Click on the colour theme you want to open the PDF-file. Save the file to your computer and open it in a PDF-reader (like Adobe Reader) - not Preview, if you are using a Mac. The file has editable input fields where you can add your website address, your Instagram and Facebook name.

Save the changes and print your cards - choose print or print in actual size (depending on your printer). The graphic template is made in A6 format, so if you have a printer that can print A6, it is a benefit. But you can also use a ruler and a knife. Place the ruler along with the black printing guidelines and cut the cards into size.

Notice: the editing should be done on a computer.

Unboxing and free graphic template:


Unboxing and free graphic template:

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