How to fold a postal box

This entry was posted 11 maj 2020

A postal box is an easy and practical solution, if you sell your jewellery online - but how do you assemble it? In this video guide you can see just how easy it is!

What is a postal box?

The classic and popular postal box is the perfect choice for shipping smaller items, such as jewellery, glasses, watches, etc. The postal box is easily assembled using the fold lines - no tape needed.

Why choose a postal box?

The benefit of the postal box is its stable and robust construction which protects the contents from damage during transport. The postal boxes are delivered 'plano', which means that they are flat, so they take up a minimum of warehouse space.

The postal boxes are made of FSC®-certified, eco-friendly cardboard, which make the boxes a great choice, if you are looking for eco-friendly packaging for shipment.

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You can choose between two types of closing mechanism for your postal boxes:

  1. Peel and seal postal box
    This type of postal box is easily closed thanks to an adhesive strip. The box can be opened by using the built-in "tear off-strip".

  2. Postal box with locking tabs
    This type of postal box is easily closed and opened thanks to in-built locking tabs (wings).

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Postal boxes with different closing mechanisms

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
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