Eco-friendly Unboxing

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Is your Unboxing experience sustainable?

Unboxing and ECO These are two subjects we work with every day - and they will never go out of style. Sustainability is more important than ever, and our range of eco-friendly packaging is ever-expanding as the demand is on the rise.

Eco-friendly packaging does not have to be boring! To prove it, we give you four tips for creating a wonderful unboxing experience for your customers - all of the used elements are from our ECO range, which means that the materials are eco-friendly.

Here's what unboxing can do for your brand:

We all know the excitement that comes from opening a present. The anticipation and joy you feel, as you try to guess the content of the gift! Give your customers the same excitement and joy when they buy your jewellery online - and use it as a strategic part of your corporate branding!

  1. First impression
    The first thing your online customers see is the packaging for shipment. Why not make a great first impression as soon as the customer receives the package?

    You can tell a lot about a brand just from looking at the company's packaging for shipment - this is where you can stand out and show that packaging is not just a necessity, but an opportunity.

  2. Customer loyalty
    A great customer experience creates loyal customers that keep coming back. But it is not enough to focus on your customer service - you have to focus on the entire experience.

    When your customers order online, the unboxing experience they get can create a "wauw effect". It shows that each order matters.

  3. “Shareability”
    Social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are filled with unboxing videos and pictures - is your packaging shareable?

    Don't underestimate the importance of social media. With the right packaging, you can create a memorable and sharable experience!

Eco-friendly Unboxing


Eco-friendly Unboxing

Everything you need for unboxing:

  1. Postal box
    If you choose postal boxes to ship your jewellery, they can be branded inside of the lid - it could be your logo or a small greeting that appears when the lid is opened. Our postal box are made from FSC®-certified cardboard and are available in different colours and sizes.
    See all postal boxes here >

  2. Tissue paper
    Fill the postal box with tissue paper in a beautiful colour that matches your brand. We offer tissue paper in a wide range of beautiful colours. Much of our tissue paper is made from FSC®-certified paper - look for the ECO brand.
    Find all tissue paper here >

  3. Ribbon
    Take the unboxing experience to another level by using a pretty ribbon to wrap up the tissue paper! We offer eco-friendly ribbon made from different materials.
    See our ECO ribbon here >

  4. Jewellery box
    No unboxing experience without the most important thing – the jewellery! Wrap up the jewellery in a beautiful jewellery box that matches your brand. We have seven different jewellery box series that are made from eco-friendly materials.
    See all ECO jewellery boxes here >

  5. Jewellery pouch
    Add a beautiful jewellery pouch that your customer can use for wrapping or storing the jewellery - or perhaps you prefer to send the jewellery using a jewellery pouch?
    See our selection of bags >

See our ECO Unboxing looks

We have created four looks that you can take inspiration from - see them below or visit our inspirational gallery here, where you can find even more ideas for unboxing and webshop packaging.

What story do you want to tell with your postal boxes?

We have made three examples that show how you can frame your message - either on the outside of the box or inside of the lid.

Eco-friendly Unboxing

Share the love

We think that each postal box is a great opportunity to encourage the recipient to follow you on social media - share, tag, etc.

In this example, we have a short message and some basic, recognizable icons as well as our instagram name and hashtag.


Filled with love... and other cool stuff

A sweet message, well-suited for printing on the outside of the postal box so the tension is amplified.

If you choose to print the message on the outside of the postal box, you can advantageously choose to place the message in a corner so it won't be covered by the shipping label.

Eco-friendly Unboxing


Eco-friendly Unboxing

From Westpack With Love

A nice way to say "Thank you for your order", and simultaneously underlining who the package is from.

Branding and recognizability are important factors when you can't meet your customers face to face.

Do you want to see more examples? Read the article ” Tip: print a small greeting inside the postal box”, where we show our own examples along with graphical ideas that you can take inspiration from.

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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