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This entry was posted June 23, 2022

PRESS RELEASE - june 2022

With immense investments and high delivery reliability in an unstable world, Westpack A/S in Holstebro once again achieves a record-breaking turnover.

Westpack A/S in Holstebro, which primarily produces packaging for jewellery, watches, and glasses, has just published financial statements for the financial year 2021/2022. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), has risen to almost 64 million DKK from 42 million DKK the year before.

The growth is catalyzed by a large increase in sales with more than 2,500 new customers worldwide, plus notable additional sales to existing customers. In addition, sales and production processes have been optimized for efficiency.

Morten Dalsgaard, CEO of Westpack A/S, sees delivery reliability as one of the keys to success in a world characterized by turmoil in the freight market and Covid lockdowns in Asia.

We have a flexible business model where we produce in Denmark and purchase from both Europe and Asia. This means that we can always deliver, regardless of whether there is turmoil in the freight market or that productions are shutting down due to Covid in China.
- Morten Dalsgaard

According to the CEO, the growth is also a result of significant investments in both buildings and production equipment. In just three years, the factory in Holstebro has been expanded in two phases with almost 7000 extra square meters and a larger machine park. Furthermore, Westpack A/S has expanded its international webshop from 11 to 15 languages and automated several of the administrative processes.

Although the company automates, it has not gained fewer employees. In the past year alone, the number has risen from 117 to 142.

Our investments in growth continue. This applies both in relation to investments in machines in our own production in Holstebro, investments in our strong webshop, as well as investments in our organization in general.
- Morten Dalsgaard

For the past five years, Westpack A/S has been private equity owned. The Danish private equity fund Capidea sold in January 2022 to the Nordic fund Adelis, which today is the majority shareholder. In connection with the sale, the management continued unchanged, just as it still forms part of the ownership group.

Morten Dalsgaard

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