Westpack's Whistleblower scheme

Westpack's Whistleblower Scheme

Westpack's whistleblower scheme allows Westpack employees, cooperating factories, suppliers, partners, and customers to report incidences where internal policies have not been upheld or (inter)national laws/regulations have possibly been broken.

Reporting can be done in full anonymity by contacting Westpack's external whistleblower lawyer (employed by the internationally recognized auditing firm Ernst & Young). All GDPR rules will be upheld.

Ernst & Young is not Westpack’s accounting firm and is consequently completely impartial.

When a party submits a review, it will be Ernst & Young who respond to the reviewer. At the same time, the management of the company will receive information about the notification – completely anonymized. Westpack’s board of directors will receive quarterly reports on current reports and the subsequent actions from management.


Be considerate before reporting

Reporting an issue through a whistleblower scheme is a serious matter. Before you do so, we urge you to take the following into consideration:

Are you unhappy with a product or a service?

This is not the appropriate place for these types of complaints. Contact our customer service instead.

Are you reporting an issue in good faith?

We kindly ask you to make a clear distinction between your own personal opinions and the actual legislations/regulations on a given subject.

Are you simply worried or have a vague suspicion?

We are a transparent company, and you can always contact Westpack directly, if you have concerns. Perhaps the (potential) issue can be fixed even faster if we do not have to launch an investigation first.

Report an issue

If you wish to be completely anonymous, you should contact our whistleblower lawyer at Ernst & Young. Every notifier is guaranteed 100% anonymity. Ernst & Young are responsible for storing and managing reports according to strict confidentiality rules.


Our core values


At Westpack, we do not hand our employees responsibility - they take responsibility on their own initiative. Employees taking responsibility are granted the requisite authorization. We show confidence in each other, in the customer, in the supplier, and we believe in our own and our partners capability of performing successfully.


At Westpack, we take pride in honouring our agreements. A "Yes" obligates, which is why we say "No" in case we exceed our own limitations. We make our mission, vision and results visible internally, and not least we address matters bluntly and in due time.


At Westpack, it is essential that we agree in unity as to our common goals. In that way, we may win and celebrate our successes together. We show interest in each other, and we easily get enthusiastic. We support each other, and we ask for help if there is something we cannot manage on our own.

Business Acumen

At Westpack, the customer is entitled to obtain the correct product at the correct price. All elements contribute to the bottom line - for the customer as well as for Westpack and its employees. We always seek simplicity in our endea-vours, and we constantly strive for improvement, based on a constructive dialogue with our customers and employees.