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Westpack solutions - much more than a production line

From design to final product, we cover you all the way. And once your products are on the shelves in one of
our warehouses, you can make pulls from your stock whenever you need to - and even pay as you go.

We create your special design

Based on more than 60 years of experience in packaging design and with inspiration from the market, our customers, fairs and close collaboration with external designers, your KAM is constantly on cutting-edge with your packaging solutions. Either in form of completely new solutions, or in form of optimisation/extension of your existing solution. Your personal KAM further guarantees individual customer service and ensures efficient and secure practical handling of your packaging productions.

  • One permanent and personal contact throughout the process
  • Together, we optimise your design

We develop prototypes

In our head office in Denmark – every single KAM is affiliated to a team of both supporters and purchasers, employed at Westpack’s division in Denmark and China.

In close interaction with you, the team develops a new packaging design or optimisation of an existing one-to-one solution. Once the prototype is developed and approved – the team makes sure that the chosen solution is produced in the required and agreed quality – at the best price possible. Of course, by our carefully selected and approved manufacturers and partners.

  • See your final solution, before it is produced
  • We invite offers and ensure the best price for the quality

We ensure responsible production

FSC™, EUTR, REACH and CSR are high-priority areas for a great deal of our partners. If we fail and the packagings are produced under illegal and unethical conditions, the damage to the image of the producer and high-profile brand may be unaffordable.

Thus, Westpack is responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations in terms of raw material use, sustainability, working conditions, child labour, overpayment, overtime etc. We only work with suppliers, who have signed and observe our Code of Conduct, inspired by SA 8000.

  • We help protect your brand

We test the quality

At Westpack, we have our own quality unit, operating independently of procurement and sales, in order to ensure that the unit remains critical and objective in terms of solutions. The unit conducts checks before and throughout production, as well as concluding checks before you receive your goods.

We not only check the physical and visible quality, but also the quality, not visible to the naked eye. We test and check all our products for tarnish in our in-house test furnaces in Denmark and China, and are proud to say that we are one of the most competent companies in the industry in terms of tarnish-free boxes, bags and displays.

  • We test before, during and after production
  • We ensure tarnish-free products

We are 100% in charge of logistics

Westpack offers a perfect logistical solution and handles the ”hassle” of filling out the required papers, shipping documents etc., enabling you to concentrate on your brand and core business.

  • We handle the paper work

We deliver on time – everywhere

Once the solutions are produced by our selected manufacturers in China, they are shipped to Westpack’s warehouse in Denmark or China, where pulls can be made as required. The packagings are then delivered within few days and payment is made upon pulling, or as we say: pay as you go.

We make stock and supply recommendations continuously, as the stock is used, in order to ensure a reliable and efficient stock solution for all packaging types.

  • We deliver everywhere and whenever you need it
  • Leave us in charge of storage management and pay as you go

Selected Cases

  • We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Westpack, and we really appreciate the personal contact. We always get excellent treatment, and Westpack has a high level of service from start to finish in all processes.

  • Today, it is not just a question of selling your products - it is a question of creating amazing customer experiences. In cooperation with Maja from Westpack, we have developed a custom unboxing experience, that will help us create 100,000 wow-experiences this year.

  • What we like about Westpack is their continuous ability to find the right solution for our brand. The company is solution-oriented to the core, and the service is excellent!

  • We, in Kapten and Son, have received Christmas boxes and watch boxes in the past from Westpack as well as other products. The service we were able to enjoy was and is excellent, prices are competitive.

  • If we were to identify a professional and reliable partner in the field of packaging production it would undoubtedly be Westpack.

Westpack core values


Our manageable size makes us able to see the customer as a common project. Not your customer and my customer, but our customer. Thus, a whole team knows your case in detail. We build a community with our customers, invite them to China, making our partnership confident and safe.

However, Westpack is also a strong internal community. A number of motivating and social activities have created a strong sense of community amongst the employees of the company. Something, our customers can sense in form of real presence and genuine interest in their business.


Westpack is always at the cutting-edge of challenges. We make decisions and changes proactively, if we see problems arising. On-time care, so to speak. For instance in terms of solving problems/optimisation with procurement and quality tests. But also in terms of employee care, organisation and recruiting. In short, CSR.


A trustful dialogue with customers is the base of Westpack. A transparent organisation, honest dialogue and open calculations are the foundation of high credibility in open negotiations with Westpack’s customers and suppliers. That is one of the reasons for choosing us. A deal is a deal and delivery doesn’t end until everything is conducted as agreed. That is credible and a behaviour that permeates every fibre of our organisation.

Business Acumen

Westpack conducts business according to the principle of proper business acumen. In terms of our own business, but also on behalf of our customers. A good deal is only good, if it creates value for both parties. We are proud to be a valuable part of the value chain of our customers and nothing else makes sense to us. We believe that long-term relations invigorate the businesses of both parties. And that is good business acumen to Westpack.

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