A two-coloured glimpse from the printing line

This entry was posted November 2, 2022

Every day, our skilled and dedicated colleagues from the printing line in Holstebro transform thousands of neutral jewellery boxes into personalised and unique boxes that match our customers' own brands.

Logo printing takes your packaging to the next level - your logo can turn even the most classic and straightforward jewellery box into a small piece of art that your customers will remember you for. Packaging has a much higher marketing value than you might think!

Create even more wow effect with two-coloured logo print

In the vast majority of cases, we print our packaging with one colour. But did you know that it is actually possible to get your logo printed in two colours? The process is a bit more time-consuming, as each box must be printed in two rounds - because each colour requires its own cliché.

Two-coloured printing gives your logo a completely different look, and so does your colour choice! Just see below how the same logo changes character depending on the jewellery box's colour, the foil's colours and whether the foil is matte or metallic.

What options do I have for two-colour logo printing?

The method we use for logo printing on the vast majority of our product range is called foil printing. And as the name suggests, it is a small, thin foil that is left on the surface of the product.

The technique requires a special metal plate with your logo in the desired size. The plate is called a cliché and is mounted in the printing machine, which heats the plate and presses the foil down into the surface.

If you want to make use of the two-colour logo printing option, you first need to make sure that your graphic design meets certain requirements.

As with one-colour logo printing, we can not offer shadows, gradients, full-colour logos, etc.

What we can offer is to print colours that are not connected. For example, this could be the case if your logo contains a graphic element and a text element such as a company name, URL or the like. But it can also be smaller items.

Can be printed

The colours are not connected and can therefore be printed

Gradients can not be printed.

Shadows cannot be printed.

Full-colour logos cannot be printed

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