3 Trade Show favourites - AW20

This entry was posted September 23, 2020
Three Trade Show Favourites

Thank you for another lovely online trade show! As per usual, we look back to see if there is a common denominator for the most popular products. And this year, there sure is: ECO.


Selling your jewellery – online

Postal boxes are more popular than ever - with good reason! They are practical and easy to assemble. They also allow you to give your customer an unboxing experience! You can print your logo or a small greeting directly inside the lid to personalize your packaging for shipment.

Our postal boxes are made from FSC®-certified cardboard and are available in black cardboard and plain brown cardboard.

See our selection of postal boxes >

Postal boxes


Gift Wrapping

Eco-friendly wrapping paper with a pattern

When it comes to gift wrapping, a beautiful pattern is always a hit! Our new grey wrapping paper for AW20 has been very well received. It features a composite motif in gold, beige and black. The size of the pattern makes the wrapping paper equally suited for wrapping smal and large boxes.

The wrapping paper is available in four different widths and is made from FSC®-certified paper.

See the beautiful wrapping paper >


Milano ECO boxes: Put the ECO in exceptional

This spring, we introduced an eco-friendly version of our popular Milano box. We apropiately named it Milano ECO. It is a timeless and incredibly elegant jewellery box, available in seven different sizes.

Milano ECO is made from FSC®-certified cardboard.

See all Milano ECO boxes >

Milano ECO

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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