This Is How You Use A Ribbon Shredder

This entry was posted September 26, 2019

A ribbon shredder is an inexpensive and useful tool that helps you create stunning bows easily. Watch Kirsten demonstrate how to make the most of your ribbon shredder.

What Is A Ribbon Shredder?

Two pieces of hard plastic that pivot at the joint, by a spring-loaded hinge. One of the parts has metal blade teeth with which you can shred your curling ribbons.

How Do I Use A Ribbon Shredder?

Take a piece of curling ribbon and place it in the tongs. Place the shiny side up if you want to shred metallic or glossy ribbon. This will help prevent the ribbon from fraying. Snap the two halves of the shredder together and pull your ribbon through.

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Beautiful Gift Wrapping: How To Use A Ribbon Shredder
Beautiful Gift Wrapping: How To Use A Ribbon Shredder

You can buy ribbon shredders with plastic or metal blade teeth. Westpacks ribbon shredder has metallic teeth, as we find this to be far more effective and able to shred more kinds of ribbon. Additionally, the ribbon shredder can shred to different widths. The outer-most blade teeth are placed with 2 mm intervals, while the inner-most blade teeth are placed 4 mm apart. Vary the width of your shredded ribbon to make more motley bows. The ribbon shredders are made from sturdy, durable plastic. The tool is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.

Why Would I Use A Ribbon Shredder?

If you often use curling ribbon in your gift-wrappings, a ribbon shredder is an essential part of your gift-wrapping tools. Said plainly, your bows will simply look better when you use shredded ribbon. When the ribbon is shredded, it doesn’t really matter which side is up or down. Actively showing both the front and back of the ribbon makes your bows look as if you had used more different ribbons, effectively upscaling a simple bow made from curling ribbon to something quite chic. Besides that, you can easily mix in small left-overs of shredded ribbon in similar colours, to add even more extravagance.

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Ribbon shredders are not suitable for fabric ribbon, woven ribbon or ribbon with a metal wire.

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