Offer to wrap the presents for your online customers

This entry was posted December 4, 2020

Christmas is approaching - it's a great time to offer free gift-wrapping! But how do you do that, when you sell your jewellery online?

Some opt-out of offering gift-wrapping, because the recipient often wants to see the item before it is wrapped and given away. Perhaps one item in the order is not a part of the gift, and consequently, the effort is wasted. Or perhaps it seems like an unmanageable task to wrap all your customers' Christmas presents?

One solution could be to send the wrapping along with the order, so your customers can do it themselves! It is a really nice service to offer. And it only requires a few simple items like a gift-bag, some tissue paper, and some gift toppers.

We have made 3 different looks that you can take inspiration from. We have combined the unboxing experience with items for wrapping, so it's easy for the recipient to finish the wrapping process.

Feminine rose colour

Rose coloured packaging is more popular than ever - with good reason! The feminine rose colour stands out from the crowd and is modern, soft, and friendly.

For this look we have chosen rose coloured nuances for both the packaging for shipment and the content. We have selected a jewellery pouch, some ribbon, and some gift toppers, which makes it easy for the customer to finish the wrapping process. All the customer has to do is put the jewellery box in the included bag, slide the gift tag on the ribbon and then tie that around the bag.

For this look we have used the following:
- Rose coloured postal box
- Rose coloured tissue paper
- Boston jewellery box
- Rose coloured cotton jewellery pouch
- Pink satin ribbon
- ”Merry Christmas” labels
- Round gift tags in gold

Classic plain brown

Plain brown cardboard packaging is a classic choice, available in a multitude of nuances. You could combine it with a matching colour to introduce some contrast to the packaging.

Here we have chosen a plain brown cardboard postal box combined with some beautiful tissue paper to create an unboxing experience. We have enclosed a white organza jewellery pouch, ribbons and gift toppers - all the customer has to do is wrap the jewellery box in the tissue paper and put it in the bag. A gift enclosure card and some gift toppers complete the wrapping after a satin ribbon is tied around the bag.

For this look we have used the following:
- Plain brown postal box
- Beige tissue paper
- White organza pouch
- Boston ECO jewellery box
- Gold coloured satin ribbon
- Oblong golden gift enclosure card
- Wooden deer on rustic string

Elegant black

Black packaging is a stylish and elegant choice - a true classic. Black packaging looks nice on its own, but you can also combine it with other colours to create a nice contrast and break the dark look.

For this look, we have chosen a black postal box and white tissue paper, closed with an adhesive label to create the perfect unboxing experience. Inside the postal box, there is a jewellery pouch and an extra adhesive label, so the customer can easily complete the packaging by wrapping the jewellery boxes in the tissue paper and putting it in the bag, which is closed with the adhesive label.

For this look we have used the following:
- Black postal box
- White tissue paper
- Frankfurt ECO jewellery boxes
- Black adhesive labels
- Black foil bag

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