Postal Boxes Available in Three New Sizes

This entry was posted November 4, 2019
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders

An overview for you

More and more people buy their jewellery online. Use proper packaging for your jewellery to ensure their safe arrival at your customer. Westpack’s postal boxes are ideal for this task. We have three practical new sizes in our product range, all made from eco-friendly FSC®-cardboard.

The Facts

We have added three new postal boxes to our product range, to be able to accommodate even more parcel sizes. Our product range now also includes an extra flat postal box of just 19 mm high, specifically designed to conform to most European Mail guidelines for sending large letters.

Small 62:
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders
Item no: 32370300581
Ext. size: 185 x 109 x 62 mm
Int. size: 166 x 102 x 60 mm
Paper quality: 398 gsm
One box weighs: 54.4 g

Large 52:
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders
Item no: 32370310581
Ext. size: 245 x 175 x 52 mm
Int. size: 227 x 165 x 50 mm
Paper quality: 398 gsm
One box weighs: 80.9 g

Small 29:
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders
Item no: 32370320581
Ext. size: 177 x 118 x 29 mm
Int. size: 165 x 114 x 26 mm
Paper quality: 398 gsm
One box weighs: 35.2 g

Small 44:
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders
Item no: 32370330581
Ext. size: 183 x 116 x 44 mm
Int. size: 168 x 111 x 41 mm
Paper quality: 398 gsm
One box weighs: 46.8 g

Small 19:
Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders
Item no: 32370340581
Ext. size: 175 x 124 x 19 mm
Int. size: 160 x 118 x 17 mm
Paper quality: 398 gsm
One box weighs: 29.7 g


The Material

For good measure, all postal boxes are made from FSC-certified cardboard, making them eco-friendly. In an FSC forest, no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. The double thickness front and sides add strength to the boxes. The single-piece lid and base boxes require no tape in the assembly; the boxes have handy locking tab that keeps them closed.

We deliver the boxes flat-packed, which saves a considerable amount of storage space. The boxes are easy to fold, no tape required. We recommend sealing the boxes with a personalised label.

Logo Print

For a smarter box to send your products out, why not order your postal boxes printed with your logo? After all, even a dull postal box can become quite special if you order them printed with your own logo. Personalisation of the boxes costs a little more than ordering them plain, but they do add that extra touch of class to your presentation. The minimum order quantity is just 100 pcs!

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Practical Postal Boxes for your online orders

Quick Delivery

The postal boxes are shelf items. This means they are ready for immediate dispatch when in stock. Even personalised with a logo they can be dispatched within just a few days.

Save Money on Postage

Choosing the right postal box can potentially save you a lot of money on postage. Sending your jewellery as a large letter especially will cut costs. Especially for businesses just starting out, it can make a huge difference, plus it all adds up year on year.

Which Box Should I Use?

The extra flat postal box, with its inner size of 17 mm, still offers room for most shipment boxes for jewellery, such as Frankfurt and Frankfurt ECO .

The flat postal box (Small 29) is perfect for shipping slightly higher boxes, such as a Santiago box for small pendant and a Boston box for bangle / large pendant.

Use the medium-high boxes (Small 44) for ring boxes and luxury jewellery boxes. The extra high boxes (Small 62) are perfect for packaging for watches, and the large boxes (Large 52) offer room for large necklace boxes.

Our sales reps are experts in choosing the right postal box for the purpose. Contact them to ensure their help.

Royal Mail

We have compared our postal boxes with the Royal Mail pricing bands. Almost all postal boxes can be sent as small parcels, staying well within the maximum external size allowed, as stated by the Royal Mail. Do keep in mind though that the weight of the parcel also needs to be factored in.

Parcel Max Ext. Size Allowed Max Weight Allowed Westpack Postal Box
Large Letter 353 x 250 x 25 mm 750 g ECO Postal Box Large Letter- Small 19
Small Parcel 450 x 350 x 160 mm 2 kg ECO Postal Box - Small 29
ECO Postal Box - Small 44
ECO Postal Box - Small 62
ECO Postal Box - Large 52


Should your jewellery fit into the large letter box, you can save a considerable amount on postage. We recommend you use Frankfurt or Frankfurt ECO jewellery boxes for this purpose. These extra flat boxes are designed as shipment boxes and can be sent as a large letter.

We have checked the external sizes of the boxes carefully. However, where the external dimensions of the box are particularly close to the limit, extra care should be taken when constructing and packing the box, to ensure you do not accidentally go over the limit.

Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.
FSC is the mark of responsible forestry.

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