The Unboxing Experience

This entry was posted March 19, 2019

We love producing our shipping boxes, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, which fit perfectly into our bubble lined envelopes. Sometimes a shipping box can be more practical though - now it is possible to make the experience of receiving a piece of jewellery even more personal.

Use your shipping boxes to give your customer the ultimate unboxing experience with three simple steps:

1: Print a greeting directly inside the lid.

Use your shipping box for branding. Print a small greeting inside the lid, e.g. encourage your customers to share their experience on Instagram with your #.

We hot stamp your logo with foil - also in metallic colours - and you can order as little as 100 boxes at a time.

N.B: Logo print inside the shipping boxes follow the same terms as our on our other products. If you need a new stamping plate for the print, the cost will be the same as when ordering a new stamping plate for a box.

· Learn more about logo print >

2: Use tissue paper

Tissue paper is brilliant; Wrap your jewellery boxes beautifully with tissue paper to make your customer feel treasured. The tissue paper also protects the content during transport. Finish your packaging with a label branded with your name - or go all in by using branded tissue paper.

· See branded tissue paper
· See all labels

Encourage your customers to reuse the tissue paper when the jewellery gift is passed on in a gift box or jewellery bag.

3: Packaging filling

Put your business card or a personal greeting in the box; make it easy for your customers to remember you. You can also add a piece of candy or a gimmick; your customers will enjoy that little extra surprise.

Do you network with e.g. other upcoming designers? Maybe you can help each other with the branding through the extra package filling e.g. vouchers for orders placed with your colleagues.

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