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This entry was posted October 9, 2019
New Print Colours for Jewellery Packaging

We have added four beautiful new print colours to our range: two greens and two rose tints.

Westpack now offers 26 different print colours, as well as the classic debossing without foil. Some products may only be printed with a selection of these colours. On the product page, the drop-down menu named “Print Colour” will show you the available print colours for each product.

You are more than welcome to redirect any special requests for a specific print colour directly to our sales department.

We have asked Henrik Hansen, sales manager, to tell us more about the new print colours:

The new green print colours

’The colour green is available in so many different shades. Throughout the years, we could only print boxes in one green tint, namely lime green. Many of our customers, however, requested other green tins to choose from. Therefore, we have added two lovely new greens to our selection or print colours: a fresh grass green and an elegant dark green.’

Green goes with almost every other colour, but they stand out even more beautifully on our plain brown boxes, our mint green products and our dark green packaging.

New Print Colours for Jewellery Packaging

The new rose print colours

’Our rose and white jewellery boxes are more popular than ever’, Henrik explains, ‘which is why we made two, light rose print colours available. The first, bright rose colour has a mother-of-pearl sheen to it. The other one has a matt finish and is known as old rose.’ Light print colours can pose a challenge when they are printed on darker surfaces. Henrik explains: ‘A dark surface can make the print colour change tone and look quite different. That is why you can only select the pearl rose print on boxes in light colours, such as white and ivory. Old rose can be printed on any colour surface.’

Use these print colours for a tone-in-tone effect on rose-colour and warm beige jewellery boxes, or for a subtle contrast in white jewellery boxes.

New Print Colours for Jewellery Packaging
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