An upgrade, a seasonal trend, or...?

This entry was posted October 1, 2019

Is it time for something else? Changing your packaging is easy to do, even if it includes your logo.

Would you like to update your packaging to better match the current trends? Or are you planning an event that requires special packaging? Has your brand identity shifted, and do you wish your packaging to reflect this change?

Another Colour

Stick to your favourite
Keep using your favourite box but order them in a different colour.

Another Print Colour

A subtle change
Change the colour of your logo print. Try personalising the boxes in another colour each time you order.

Another Logo

Try something new
Have a new print stamp made for just and order your boxes with a completely different print. Find more information about the costs here.

Another box

Try something different
Why not order an entirely different box for your jewellery? Often your print stamps can be used for all boxes, so feel free to change boxes for every season, jewellery type, or even your mood!

This Is How You Change Your Packaging

There can be many reasons for needing different packaging. No matter what your reasons are, changing your packaging is neither expensive nor complicated. The cliché - also called printing stamp or die - used to personalise your boxes, can be used to personalise other boxes too, in any of our available print colours.

Place your order online and simply select a different print colour, or a new jewellery box, and add the products to your cart. We take care of the rest. Even upsizing or downsizing the logo, or replacing the logo altogether, doesn't pose much of a problem, and only adds one extra workday to your delivery time.

This Is How You Change Your Print

The process of changing your logo print might remind you of your very first personalised order with Westpack. All you need to do is order the products you like online and upload a new logo file, instead of selecting your current logo.

After this, you receive a proof copy for approval. The proof gives you an indication of how your printed products look, as it shows your logo in an outline of the product(s) you ordered. Once you have confirmed the proof copy, we proceed with your order and send it within the processing time indicated on the website. The order confirmation you receive shortly after will confirm the expected dispatch date.

Upsizing, downsizing or altering your logo in any other way, requires a new cliché. A cliché is a print stamp, or die, used to personalise your boxes with your logo.

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Answers to frequently asked questions regarding logo print


#1: Why would I change my logo?

There can be many reasons for wanting to change your logo. Your brand name might've changed, or you might need printed boxes for an event.

#2: How do I change my logo print?

Changing a logo is a similar order process as back when you ordered your very first personalised products from Westpack. You order the products you like and upload a new logo file instead of selecting your current logo. After this, you receive a proof copy for approval, showing your logo in an outline of the products you ordered.

#3: How Do You Know I Changed My Logo?

When you upload a new file, instead of selecting your current logo file, Westpack is automatically informed that you wish to use a new logo.

#4: How long does it take to deliver boxes with my new logo?

After you approve your proof copy, we order your clichés, print your boxes and ship them to you. This entire process adds up to two workdays to the regular processing time. In short: we dispatch your order 4-5 workdays after you approved your proof copy.

#5: What does changing a logo cost?

We require a new cliché if your logo is altered in any way. A cliché is the metal print stamp, or die, we use to print your logo onto your boxes.

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Note: The added cliché costs are not visible in your shopping cart and will be added manually by our sales department when they process your order and are confirmed by your final order confirmation.

More about logo print here >

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