DIY: How to fold an origami Christmas star

This entry was posted December 15, 2021

Christmas is approaching, and we hope your Christmas sales are going well - we also hope you have had the time to enjoy this special time of year!

Soon, we will all decorate the tree and wrap the presents. And - true to tradition - we bring you a little guide that will get you in a Christmassy mood! Last year, we did a free Christmas card that you can print yourself, and the year before that, we showed you how to make pleated Christmas hearts.

This year, we have folded beautiful origami Christmas stars - it sounds difficult, but in only a few steps, you can fold Christmas stars that you can use as tree ornaments, gift toppers or similar.

Step-by-step guide:

Origami star

Print template >
You need the following items:
  • a printer to print the template
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil
  • paper - for example wrapping paper or newspaper

This is how you do it:

1The Template
Print the template in the size you want. This, of course, depends on how big a Christmas star you want to make.

Cut out the template and use it to draw a pentagon on your paper - cut out that pentagon and place it in front of you with the printed side facing down.
2Fold 1
Fold the pentagon down the middle with one corner pointing away from you.

Fold the pentagon open again and turn it so the next corner of the pentagon is pointing away from you. Fold it down the middle again.

Repeat this step an additional three times for a total of 5 folding lines.
3Fold 2
With one corner pointing away from you, fold up the bottom of the paper (to the dotted line) so it reaches the folding lines you can see in the picture - marked by two crosses.

Open the pentagon, turn it, and repeat until you have performed this step 5 times.
4Fold 3
With one corner pointing away from you, lift up the lower left side of the pentagon and fold along the line from fold number 2.

Also lift the bottom along the fold line created by fold number 2 - this will make the paper point upwards; fold the paper towards the left so it becomes flat.

Open the pentagon, turn it, and repeat the step four times - 5 in total.

5Fold 4
Now, the many fold lines can be used to create the tips of the star. You do this by folding all of the straight edges in towards the middle so the paper has a series of overlaps.

You are aiming at getting a star shape with a pentagon in the middle.

6Fold 5
Turn over the star. You will now see a centered pentagon with pointy ends behind it.

Now, fold one of the corners into the center and fold the fold all the way to the tip to create one of the star's sharp angles.

Repeat the step until you have folded all five sides - the last time, you have to carefully open the first fold to get the paper to stay flat.

Congratulations! Your star is now done! You can make a little hole in one end of the star and attach a piece of thread so you can hang it on your Christmas tree or use it as a gift topper.


Be thorough when you make the folds, and make sure you have straight lines - this makes it much easier when the star has to be made.

Do you want larger or smaller stars? When you print the PDF file from your computer, you can scale it according to your needs.

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