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This entry was posted April 20, 2022

A Testimonial from:

The Moonflower Studio

Renee Baker is the owner of the online jewellery store The Moonflower Studio which is based in Largo, Florida. She offers handmade, personalised and designer jewellery crafted using sterling silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones. We asked her why she chose Westpack to be her packaging supplier.

There is a long way from Denmark to Florida. Almost 6,000 miles. But the distance was not a dealbreaker for Renee Baker when she went online looking for jewellery packaging. She remembers being impressed with Westpack’s broad range of solutions: “What originally drew me to Westpack was the variety of products they offer,” she explains. “The super-fast turnaround times and product quality were what got me to stay.”

While some of her work is done from scratch or through CAD design and 3D printing, other work consists of sourcing components and putting them together in various finished jewellery pieces. This approach allows her to offer many different designs at

With such a diverse product range, she also needed different packaging solutions. Luckily, she could find everything she needed at Westpack. “So far, I've ordered a nice selection of products from Westpack, including their jewellery boxes, cotton pouches, organza bags, branded paper gift boxes, and even stickers” she says. She also highlights the great shopping experience:

“The ordering process was simple and customer service is great. The automated e-mail order confirmations are always followed up with a response from an actual human letting me know that there were no issues with the order and information on when it will ship. “


Reliability is important

The Moonflower Studio has a conflict free policy. This means that they only purchase diamonds from suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process, which guarantees that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free. It goes without saying that a jewellery store with this level of reliability also values a reliable packaging supplier.

“I prefer Westpack over other suppliers for several reasons,” Renee explains. “Westpack proved to be unbelievably reliable before, after, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the whole world was brought to a stop, Westpack was branding and delivering boxes in record time without sacrificing quality. Their communication through every step of the process brought peace of mind to me and my team.”

Halfway across the globe in 5 days

The 6,000 miles from Denmark to Florida may seem like a long distance. But in a globalised world, there is not much of a difference if you buy from Scandinavian suppliers or from the US. In fact, Reenee was really impressed with the speedy delivery of her products: “I have a lot of experience in dealing with domestic and international vendors and to reliably have such good shipping times is remarkable. I've ordered unbranded boxes, had them shipped within 24 hours, and received them halfway across the globe in 5 days.”

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