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This entry was posted April 26, 2022

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The jewelry brand KAUREUM – pronounced [kuh-ray-uhm] – was launched in 2019. But the owner Eunice Koo developed the startup business with inspiration from her family’s jewellery store that was founded in 1988. Based in Los Angeles, California, she creates luxury pieces at affordable prices. We asked her why she chose Westpack to be her packaging supplier.

First, lets us talk about that name. What does it mean? Well, "aureum" is the latin word for "golden". And with the first letter of Eunice’s family surname added, you have KAUREUM: representing both family and the "golden" state of inner and outer radiance. That’s a formidable name if you ask us!

The brand logo is a K inside an octagon shape. Eunice’s customers meet the beautiful logo when they receive their jewelry pieces in branded jewellery boxes. And – yup, you guessed it – the boxes are from Westpack. But how come she chose a Danish supplier and not a local American supplier?

“The biggest factor in choosing Westpack is getting quality branded packaging at an affordable rate. The domestic options here are either extremely cheap looking boxes which you can't even personalise or extremely expensive bespoke packaging that only high-end luxury brands can afford”, Eunice explains.

She likes the broad selection of products that are available, but she has a clear favorite:

“Westpack's line of products, especially Boston ECO that I order, are perfect for the everyday type of jewellery I sell. They're durable and affordable with a very low minimum order quantity which is so helpful for small businesses like mine. We want pretty packaging too without breaking the bank!”

Perfect for small business owners

One of the channels Eunice sells her jewellery through is Etsy. And although many of our American customers are familiar with the platform, we will introduce it anyways just for good measure. Etsy is an e-commerce company that follows in the footsteps of open craft fairs; each seller gets a personal storefront on the site from which they can display and sell their products. And, of course, handmade jewellery is one of the biggest categories on the site!

By the way, you should check out KAUREUM’s collection! You can see it here:

Eunice points to the fact that Westpack is a great match for jewellery startups like KAUREUM: “I definitely appreciate Westpack as a company because they support small businesses and give us the option to be competitive and grow as a business”, she says.

Westpack offers low MOQs (minimum order quantities) on many box series, which makes it possible for customers to try out new packaging without having to make huge investments. This is one of the things that Eunice highlights: “Even sampling new designs and colour options is so affordable in comparison to many other companies out there who charge an exorbitant amount of money which deters small businesses from ordering”, she says.

Excellent service

It has always been Westpack’s philosophy that all customers should receive the same level of service – no matter the size of their business. If there is an unforeseen issue that needs to be corrected, it will be handled promptly. This is another thing that Eunice has discovered:

“Even when there were issues with orders, they handled it so professionally and promptly. It's one of the reasons why I keep coming back and reordering. They're a reliable company. And everyone is so friendly, professional, and easy to work with!”

All in all, she thinks the ordering process is smooth and she likes the visual guidance she gets as a customer because it makes it easier to make decisions:

“I appreciate all the spec details and photos when ordering and even being able to receive free samples is such a huge plus. The digital proofs are very helpful and Westpack really does their best to provide tools and guidance in visualising your branded packaging. Thank you, Westpack, for existing and being there for us small business owners!”

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