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This entry was posted April 25, 2022

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Amelia Rose Jewelry

Amelia Steppacher is the woman behind the jewelry brand Amelia Rose (an amalgam of her first name and her mother’s middle name). Her pieces have been in several movies, and featured in Vogue, O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and on The View. Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, she creates jewelry that is sold all over the world.

“Almost everyone in my life told me it was a bad idea; that lawyers don’t just quit law and start jewelry companies”, Amelia Steppacher writes on her website. And indeed, the process of starting her own jewelry brand was as unusual as it is inspiring: From ordering jewelry supplies during her lunch hour to taking private design lessons and going door-to-door asking jewelry stores to carry her line, Amelia was determined to make her dream come true. And it did.

The tipping point came when her jewelry was featured by Tory Johnson on Good Morning America. Now, her jewelry can be found in nearly 100 stores around the world.

For the last couple of years, she has used Westpack as her packaging supplier. We asked her why she prefers Westpack to other companies:

“Ordering and delivery with Westpack is always smooth and easy. The online ordering system is user-friendly, simple to use and repeat orders take no time at all. Despite the thousands of miles of distance between Amelia Rose and Westpack, it feels as though we are working with a local business”, she explains.

Amazing customer service

What originally drew Amelia to Westpack was the many options that were available: “When we found Westpack and the vast amount of options offered, we knew our search was over and for the last few years have been continuously satisfied with this decision”, she says.

She points to the fact that there are many packaging suppliers in the market. But for her, several things set Westpack apart from the rest:

“We chose Westpack due to the clean designs, simple ordering process and amazing customer service. There is so much competition in the gift packaging industry, as there is in jewelry, and we admire the attention to the detail and superb service we routinely receive”

And as a business owner, she knows the value of great customer service: “We prioritize customer service at Amelia Rose and feel working with Westpack is an extension of this philosophy we hold dear”, she says.


A versatile packaging product range

Amelia loves to have free samples included when she orders from Westpack. That way, she can easily test new jewelry boxes. The aesthetic of her jewelry is feminine and colourful, and she gravitates towards packaging that highlight these qualities. The fact that Westpack is 3,500 miles away from Massachusetts is in no way a deal-breaker. What is important is the quality of the products and the service:

“While we have worked with domestic packaging companies in the past, none have come close to the level of service that Westpack provides which is in large part why we have become and remain a loyal Westpack customer”, she says, and continues:

“The attention to detail, efficiency in filling our packaging orders and amazing customer service we always feel we are in good hands from order placement to delivery-which is always fast and punctual. And we know our finished products will arrive tastefully and beautifully packaged for our customers.”

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