Create the perfect Christmas unboxing experience

This entry was posted 11 november 2021

The Christmas trade is approaching. Do you need to order wrapping paper, ribbons, decorations, etc.? If you sell online, the possibility to share some Christmas cheer by creating a nice Christmas unboxing experience!

The unboxing experience is all about giving your customers an extra experience when they buy your jewellery - whether they buy in your store or from your online shop.


For the customers in your store:

When your customers buy their Christmas presents in your store, it is always a great idea to offer to wrap the presents. It is a nice service to offer, but it can seem a little overwhelming when the queue gets longer and longer...

... However, gift-wrapping does not have to be time-consuming. In fact, we have created some examples that you can take inspiration from:

Here is what we used:
Organic cotton jewellery pouch
Paper carrier bag
Jute twine
ECO ribbon from wooden pulp
Wooden heart on string

See this year's wrapping papers for Christmas here >

Do you want to borrow a Christmas cliché?

To spread the spirit of Christmas, we have designed some beautiful Christmas graphics that we have used on our carrier bags, jewellery pouches, and postal boxes in this inspirational article - they look amazing, don't you think? Feel free to contact our sales department if you want to borrow one of our clichés for your own Christmas packaging.

For your online customers:

If you sell online, you do not have any interaction with your customers. But they still deserve to have the same experience, as if they were in your store.

The unboxing phenomenon is popular like never before. With just a few additions to your packaging, you can create a beautiful unboxing experience that will awake Christmas cheer.

Here is what we used:
Frankfurt ECO jewellery boxes
ECO glitter tissue paper
Black ECO postal boxes
Jute twine - wide
Wooden deer on string
Christmas "Thank you"-card

Christmas unboxing looks:

Free Christmas graphic for your unboxing experiences

Give your unboxing experience an extra Christmas touch!

We have made X Christmas cards that you can print and use in your store, or include in your unboxing experience. Write a small personal greeting or offer the card to your customers, so they can write a Christmas card to a loved one.

All cards are in A7 size (105x74 mm). Feel free to edit the file and add your website address, your Instagram hashtag, or similar.

Download Christmas "Thank you" cards:

Download red Christmas "Thank you" cards
Download >

Download green Christmas "Thank you" cards
Download >

Download white Christmas "Thank you" cards
Download >


Download classic Christmas cards:


This is how you do it:

Choose the file you want to download. The file will open in a new window. Print the file in actual size, and - if it's possible - print several on one page.

If your printer can print in A7, that is of course an advantage, but you can also use a ruler and a knife. Place the ruler along with the black printing guidelines and cut the cards into size.

If you do not want to print the card yourself, you can send the file to a printing house - that way, you can get the exact paper quality you want.

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