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This entry was posted 8 november 2021
Beautiful new ECO Unboxing looks

Earlier this year, we told you about eco-friendly unboxing experiences and what the unboxing experience can do for your brand. And now it is time to present some really stylish looks for autumn. And, of course, even more tips and tricks - because we love unboxing experiences!

We have created four completely new unboxing looks that you can take inspiration from - what they have in common is the fact that they are made from eco-friendly products. Because sustainability and recycling are important factors!

ECO Unboxing examples

ECO Unboxing examples

ECO Unboxing examples

To support the eco-friendly packaging choice, we have printed a message inside the postal boxes about reusing the packaging; this is an important feature of our postal boxes - they can be used again and again as returnable packaging, gift wrapping, etc.

Unboxing experiences do not have to be difficult to make - for these looks, we have used the following:
- Postal boxes
- Tissue paper
- ECO jewellery boxes
- Boston ECO without foam
- Cardboard inserts
- ECO ribbons


Four ECO Unboxing looks

How to design your unboxing experience:

1. Highlight your brand

No matter what type of packaging for shipment you choose - postal boxes, cardboard boxes, or shipping bags - it is important to choose items that can be personalized.

Our postal boxes can be branded with your logo, a cool statement, or a fun greeting - both on the outside and inside the lid. It costs a little more, but a branded postal box says so much more about your company than an ordinary cardboard box!

It is an advantage if your logo appears on both jewellery boxes, pouches, ribbons, and tissue paper - we offer logo printing on much of our packaging. Because it works!


2. Choose the content carefully

It takes more than a postal box or a shipment bag to create an unboxing experience - the void fill helps create a wow factor! Choose tissue paper or kraft paper as void fill and place the product neatly in the box - if you sell jewellery, it is ideal to store the piece in a jewellery box or a jewellery pouch. Wrap the tissue paper around and keep in place with a beautiful ribbon.

Tip: Keep it simple! Think about recycling and sustainability, and avoid filling the postal box too much. Your customers do not want to have a lot of excess packaging that can not be recycled and is difficult to dispose of.


3. Think about the product presentation

Aesthetics and recognizability are important factors to keep in mind when you design the unboxing experience - and it is important that the recipient associates the experience with your brand.

You probably have a specific style with colours and messages that are unique to your brand. This should ideally be reflected in how you pack the postal box.


4. Offer your guidance and expertise

No matter if you sell jewellery, cosmetics, clothes, or accessories, you know your own products better than anyone - so you know how to best use them, style them, present, and protect them.

Perhaps you could add a small folder or a postcard with tips and tricks. Remember to use colours that are associated with your brand to complete the style!


5. Add a personal touch

Small personal details like a handwritten note or a thank you card establish a sense of connectedness between the sender and the recipient.

With a "Thank you" card, you have the possibility to add some beautiful graphical design or a greeting. You could add a voucher code for the next purchase, or you could ask your customer to follow/tag your company on social media, etc.

ECO Unboxing examples
ECO Unboxing examples
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