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This entry was posted 21 april 2022

A Testimonial from:

Anna Janelle Jewelry

Anna Janelle was born and raised in California. She always had a creative side, and through the years, she has immersed herself in various art forms. In 2013, she found jewelry and hasn’t looked back since. Now she owns Anna Janelle Jewelry – a brand that focuses on making quality jewelry at an affordable price. We asked her why she chose Westpack to be her packaging supplier.

Anna Janelle Jewelry is based in Santa Barbara. The coastal city in California is sometimes referred to as the American Riviera. With a Mediterranean climate and 3,000+ sunshine hours a year, this is a very popular travel destination. Still, when Anna Janelle went online looking for jewelry packaging, she chose Westpack from not-so-sunny Denmark. How come she ordered from Westpack instead of an American supplier?

“Westpack offers many more options than American suppliers I've seen at a competitive price. They are also great quality and not just your standard jewelry boxes. It helps to make my brand stand out from others”, she explains. She also highlights Westpack’s diverse product range and the possibility of free shipping of larger orders:

“I love the color variance and quality; it makes it easy to match with my branding. The fact that they offer free shipping over $200 is a huge perk!”

A smooth process every time

When you order jewelry packaging online, the shopping experience is a key factor. If there are too many steps, you feel like you are just wasting time. One of the things that Anna Janelle liked about Westpack was the great online user experience:

“Westpack's website is very user friendly and makes it easy to order what you need.
It's much easier than other providers to upload your logo and add it to their products. It is a smooth process every time and if I've ever had any questions their support team is always there to help”

Then there is the question of delivery. With California and Denmark being 5,500 miles apart, one could get the perception that the delivery time is long. But actually, that is not the case at all:

“Delivery is surprisingly fast considering it comes from the other side of the world! All of my boxes and bags arrive in superb condition”, Anna Janelle says.


My customers love it!

Anna Janelle can find many things to highlight about her shopping experience with Westpack. Some of the most important things are the many different options and the advantageous MOQs (minimum order quantities): “I chose Westpack because of their unique options and easy customization. Their rates are very fair without having to buy 1000's at a time like other suppliers”, she explains.

But the #1 thing is the fact that her customers like the look and the feel of the packaging:

“Westpack's branded packaging is of incredible quality and easily customizable. It is the finishing touch to my jewelry to complete the shopping experience. My customers love it!”

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