Get ready for the Christmas rush! Packaging guide for Christmas

This entry was posted 13. September 2022

The big shopping days of the year, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are approaching. And it seems Christmas is just around the corner too – are you ready? We are!

Before long, Christmas gift shopping will begin online and in stores. That means it's time to think about whether you have the packaging you need when the high season really gets going. Maybe you need to reorder your existing packaging solution - or try something new? Or perhaps you want to add some extra Christmas spirit?

The Christmas sale takes place over a relatively long period. This means there is plenty of time to level up your company packaging. We give you tips for infusing your packaging with Christmassy elements - your customers will surely remember you for it:

The unboxing experience

Christmas shopping is not only reserved for your physical store - if you have a webshop or take part in the live sales trend on Facebook and Instagram, then your packaging for shipment is a unique opportunity to create a fantastic Christmas unboxing experience!

Christmas graphics on the postal box

The perfect basis for an unboxing experience is, of course, a postal box.

The postal boxes are an excellent branding possibility, as we offer logo printing both on the inside and on the outside of the lid – and, of course, it doesn't just have to be your logo! Be creative and create a beautiful graphic with a small Christmas greeting for the recipient.


The Christmas unboxing experience

Fill the postal box with our new Christmas tissue paper, place the jewellery box in the postal box, fold the tissue paper over and close with a piece of lovely ribbon or a label. Finish with some decoration in the form of a small fir twig, some holly, dried flowers or Christmas gift toppers.

Last year we designed free Christmas graphics for postcards that you can download and print - find them here >


Christmas Unboxing inspiration 🎄

Gift wrapping

Regardless of whether you sell via your physical store or online, offering gift wrapping is a really nice service. And it doesn't have to be difficult! You just have to decide what kind of wrapping you want to offer - and whether you want to gift wrap for your customers or simply provide them with the gift-wrapping elements so they can do it themselves quickly and easily.

Christmas wrapping paper

In Denmark, where we come from, the most widespread type of gift-wrapping involves three elements: wrapping paper, ribbons and gift toppers – the combination is a true classic that repeats itself in stores year after year, and it can be varied in countless ways.

This year's Christmas wrapping paper is in stock and we have chosen ten fantastic variants, each with their own unique colour, print and style. Common to all are the small prints, which are particularly suitable for wrapping smaller gifts, such as jewellery, accessories, etc.


Gift bag or gift box

If you want a lighter alternative to gift-wrapping, a gift bag or a gift box is an obvious choice. All our gift bags and boxes can be delivered branded with your logo or your Christmas graphics, so that your packaging becomes personal and unique.

Add some Christmas tissue paper to the gift box or bag to create a gorgeous unboxing experience and complete the gift-wrapping with a beautiful ribbon and gift topper - just as if you had used wrapping paper.


Christmas Gift Wrapping inspiration 🎄

Look out for the piggy bank icon
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Everything for gift-wrapping & unboxing:

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