International Day of Forests - We plant trees in Borneo

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Thursday, March 21st, is the International Day of Forests, and Westpack traditionally supports this day. Therefore, as in the past three years, we are hosting a fundraiser where we will donate funds for tree planting. This year, we selected a project at Borneo's Sabangau National Park, which is part of Indonesia.

At Westpack, we like to support good causes, and we are particularly fond of those focusing on reforestation projects. Our production primarily uses wood-based products, and we would like to return some resources to nature. That's why we are happy to donate funds to projects that restore forests in Indonesia. For every order placed from March 18th to March 25th, we will donate money equivalent to two trees* to OneTreePlanted's tree-planting projects in Borneo.

OneTreePlanted is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring forests, creating habitats for biodiversity, and creating a positive social impact worldwide. In 2023, the NGO planted nearly 52,000,000 trees in 72 different countries, equivalent to restoring over 160,000 hectares of forest. The organization works closely with local communities, which play a central role in selecting, cultivating, and planting the trees.

A new beginning for Borneo's forests

This year, we support One Tree Planted's ambitious project in Borneo's Sabangau National Park, focusing on restoring areas damaged by forest fires. The goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025 to revive the park's unique biodiversity and strengthen the ecosystem. This initiative is crucial for preserving the natural environment and protecting the local communities' livelihoods.

The project could create significant positive changes, both environmentally and socially. Specifically, the project can contribute to:

  • Protecting wildlife: Reforestation helps to restore habitats for endangered species like the Bornean orangutan.
  • Increasing carbon storage: Rebuilding forest areas enhances the park's ability to absorb CO2, combating climate change.
  • Minimizing fire risk: Restoring the natural hydrology of peatlands reduces the likelihood of future forest fires.
  • Strengthening local communities: The project creates green jobs and promotes sustainable livelihoods, ensuring economic growth and independence.
  • Education and engagement: The project builds local capacity for long-term conservation efforts through training in environmentally friendly practices.

These initiatives restore a vital ecosystem, enhance the well-being of local communities, and contribute globally to the fight against climate change.

Did you know?

Westpack has a tradition of donating (funds equivalent to) two trees to OneTreePlanted's projects in Indonesia for every container foot of products we ship out of the country. We have donated to OneTreePlanted's projects in Indonesia for the last seven years. We will continue to do so, but this year, we wanted to add another project in Sabangau National Park on Borneo.

UN's Global Goal 15

At Westpack, we want to contribute as well as we can. As a business, we naturally have nothing to do with tree planting. Still, we can financially support an NGO like OneTreePlanted because their project is appealing. Among Westpack's declared global goals is no. 15—Life on Land—with sub-goal 15.2. It's about promoting sustainable forest management and contributing to the restoration of degraded or cleared forest areas.



About International Day of Forests

In 2012, the UN General Assembly decided that March 21st is the International Day of the Forest. On this date, countries worldwide are encouraged to launch initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring natural habitats – for example, through tree planting campaigns. The theme for 2024 is "Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World."

Read more about the International Day of Forests at the UN..

* Westpack donates two trees per order from March 18th to 25th, 2024. This applies to orders with a minimum value of 10€.

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