We are planting trees as a part of a coastal restoration project - International Day of Forests

This entry was posted 21. März 2022

Monday the 21st of March is the International Day of Forests, and like last year, we are hosting a fundraiser to raise funds to plant trees in Indonesia.

And you can be a part of it!

For every order that is placed from March 21 to March 28, we are donating five trees* to a coastal restoration project in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The project in Sumatra is initiated by One Tree Planted - a non-profit organization working to re-establish forests and increase biodiversity worldwide. In 2021, they planted more than 23 million trees and recreated more than 35,000+ acres of forest spread across six regions.

The organization collaborates with local partners, who are responsible for selecting, cultivating and planting the trees. Indigenous varieties are selected depending on the specific location of the forests that are to be re-established.

Do you want to donate more trees?

*If you order for more than 10€, we donate five trees to say thank you for your order.

If you want to donate more trees, you can do it here. All you have to do is add the item to your shopping cart - the item has the value of one tree. If you add the item to the shopping cart 10 times, you will donate 10 trees.

Your full donation will be given to the project in Sumatra.

Coastal restoration project in Northern Sumatra

All trees donated as a part of this fundraiser will be donated to a coastal restoration project in the Aceh province in Northern Sumatra. One Tree Planted will begin the project in May, and the objective is to plant 100,000 trees across 80 hectares.

Along the shoreline, a mixture of resistant tree species will be planted. The trees are adapted to grow in water in tropical and subtropical coastal areas. The purpose of these trees is to prevent erosion. Further inland, coconut palms are planted, followed by tropical almond and mango trees, which will provide economic value to the community.

In connection with the project, ten nurseries will be established. With the help of the local population, they will be responsible for e.g. seed collection, cultivation, and planting.

Why Indonesia?

Since 2015, when we began importing from Indonesia, we have donated two trees for every container-foot of products we ship out of Indonesia. We have done this in collaboration with One Tree Planted. Together, we have planted several hectares of forest in both Borneo and Sumatra.

We will continue to donate trees to Indonesia because large parts of the Indonesian rainforests have been cut down over the past 50 years due to agricultural expansions, mining, infrastructure and palm oil plantations.

By planting trees in Indonesia, we wish to create a positive impact in the area: tropical forests can be restored, farmers can work with sustainable forestry, and habitats can be re-established for rare and endangered species, including orangutans, Sumatra tigers, elephants and more than 1,700 bird species.

About the International Day of Forests

In 2012, the UN's general assembly decided that March 21 is the International Day of Forests. On this day, the countries of the world are encouraged to launch initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring natural habitats - for example, through tree planting campaigns. The Theme for 2022 is “Forests and sustainable production and consumption”.

Read more about the International Day of Forests at the UN.

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