Favourites from our AW21 Trade Show

This entry was posted 29. September 2021

Another lovely trade show is over - thank you so much for attending! We take a look back to see which products, colours, and materials were a hit this time. So here they are; Favourites from our trade show.


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Graphical tissue papers

During our online trade show, we introduced our beautiful new tissue papers with graphical print. They have been very well received.

We have selected five different variants that all add a dash of colour to your carrier bags, jewellery boxes, gift boxes, and postal boxes - the perfect choice when you want to create an unboxing experience!

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See the entire range of Boston ECO

A best selling product: BOSTON ECO

The Boston ECO series is an all-time classic. During our online trade show, the plain brown version has been very popular - with good reason.

The plain brown jewellery box is extremely versatile and can be combined with colours such as blue, terracotta, and rose-colour. But it also works very well as "tone-in-tone", where all elements are kept in shades of brown.

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See the entire range of ribbons

New ribbon made from wooden pulp

We have expanded our range of ECO ribbons with new variants. One of them is our ribbon made from wooden pulp - in four beautiful colours.

The ribbon has a nice and soft quality to it, as well as a high tensile strength and a luxurious finish. What is more, the ribbon is bio-degradable, which makes it an eco-friendly choice.

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See the entire range of postal boxes

Postal boxes are a brilliant choice

A lot of jewellery is sold online! In other words: jewellery ecommerce is huge right now. So, naturally, our postal boxes were a big hit during our online trade show.

The postal box is an amazing foundation for creating an unboxing experience. And, of course, it can be personalized with your logo, a cool graphic, or a short greeting. You decide whether you want the postal box to be branded inside the lid or on the outside - or both!

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