What our Customers say about the Stockholm Jewellery Boxes

This entry was posted 21 octobre 2020
What our Customers say about the Stockholm Jewellery Boxes

Our Stockholm jewellery box has become a classic almost instantly. The minimalistic cardboard box has a drawer that you can slide out but pulling the small grosgrain satin tap (in matching colour, of course).

Introduced in 2019, the Stockholm series is relatively new. Nonetheless, it is already so in-demand that we decided to give it an eco-friendly overhaul. The result is Stockholm ECO: available in three different sizes and four different colours!

To celebrate the introduction of the new range, we contacted some of our customers through Instagram to hear why Stockholm is such a gorgeous and fashionable jewellery box.

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Le Chat Rose Jewelry

Le Chat Rose Jewelry

Jewellery designer based in Tarragona (Spain). Favorite materials include sterling silver, silver-plated zamak, Swarovski crystals, and minerals. The jewellery is inspired by nature, animals and the sea.

"The Stockholm boxes in rose colour fit perfectly with my brand name. They are very elegant and strong to protect the jewelry. I'm totally in love with them!"

- Rosa from Le Chat Rose Jewelry

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Thaiz Jewellery

Jewellery designer based in Switzerland. Originally from Brazil, all her designs are entirely made by hand in her own Atelier in Zürich.

“I am very pleased with my Jewellery packaging! I love how versatile the boxes are for different types of accessories!”

- Thais from Thaiz Jewellery

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Thaiz Jewellery

Invisible Pink Unicorn

Invisible Pink Unicorn

The Danish jewellery brand ‘Invisible Pink Unicorn’ was born out of the idea of making fine jewellery for atheists while, at the same time, putting a friendly face on atheism.

”We chose the Stockholm-series because it had that extra something; it had character. In combination with our logo this has, in our opinion, resulted in a jewellery box like none other – one that beats the other jewellery boxes in the drawer.”

- Maija Ahrentløv from Invisible Pink Unicorn

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Koncrete Jewelry

Jewellery designer based in Slovenia. All jewelery pieces are made of a proven cement formula, which provides a strong and unbroken structure.

"I picked Westpack's Stockholm boxes because they complement my concrete jewelry and give them a premium look."

- Katarina from Koncrete Jewelry

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Koncrete Jewelry

Álom Joyas


Álom is a spanish jewellery designer who focuses on fine and delicate pieces that possess a timeless simplicity. All jewellery is made of high quality materials so they will last a lifetime.

"I love the boxes, they are just what I was looking for. I've definitely found my favorite box supplier."

- Álom Joyas

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What our Customers say about the Stockholm Jewellery Boxes

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