What our customers say about the Frankfurt boxes

This entry was posted 27 octobre 2020
What our customers say about the Frankfurt boxes

Our Frankfurt boxes are not just popular – they are also incredibly Insta Worthy. That is: the boxes are photogenic and well suited for use on Instagram etc.

Recently, we have seen some great posts on Instagram featuring our Frankfurt boxes - we reached out to hear why Frankfurt is such a recommendable jewellery box.

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Charlotte Berry

”After researching the perfect eco-friendly jewellery box I chose Westpack as they manufacture and print in house (with a very low minimum order) which suits my needs perfectly.

The Frankfurt ECO jewellery boxes I use are beautiful - Excellent quality and value for money - and are designed to be slim enough to be sent as a large letter. I can't recommend Westpack highly enough!”

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Charlotte Berry

Grey Bear

Grey Bear Jewellery

”I love Westpack’s Frankfurt jewellery boxes as they are the perfect size and fit for mailing boxes.

The silver I chose to have my logo in is stunning and this picture doesn’t do it justice. I constantly get people complimenting the jewellery boxes and the reversible insert looks great against the silver.”

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“The boxes became much better than I had expected, even though I knew they'd be high quality. I'm very happy for the final result and believe the boxes bring more value to my products.”

- Saana Lapinkangas

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Silver and Stone

Silver and Stone Jewellery Design

”I love the quality of the boxes, the feedback from my customers in reviews of my jewellery and packaging has been wonderful.”

- Helen Drye

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Frankfurt: A Highly Recommendable Jewellery Box

From time to time, new customers ask us: “With so many options, how do I know which jewellery box is right for my brand?”

And although we can’t say which box is the right one, we often suggest a couple of box series as a starting point. Frankfurt is almost always one of our suggestions.

Why, you ask?

Frankfurt (and especially Frankfurt ECO) have a lot of advantages. Let’s go through them:

  • The boxes are just 17 mm high and can, therefore, be sent as a large letter.
  • You only need to order 48 boxes to have them personalized with your logo for free.
  • The Frankfurt boxes are available in linen-look.
  • The glue, paper and cardboard used in the production of Frankfurt ECO, are all 100% eco-friendly.
  • The boxes are produced in our own factory in Denmark.
    This means that the CO2 emissions for the transport of the boxes is kept to a minimum.

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1.920 Frankfurt boxes...
take up less room than you think!

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. But can you store them? See here how much (or little) room 1.920 Frankfurt shipment boxes take up.

Do you have storage space?

Then buying in bulk might be just the thing for you. When you order jewellery boxes in bulk, we can produce them more efficiently. The delivery time will be slightly longer, but you do get a lot of discount.

Keep an eye on the piggy bank

Purchasing larger quantities equals receiving higher discounts. Many of our products can be bought in bulk, allowing you to save a lot of money. Check our satin pouches, branded tissue paper and more.

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