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  1. 00310010102
    Optica S - Foldable Eyewear Case
    Black PU Leather, metallic look/ Light grey lining
    170 x 50 x 45 mm.

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  2. 00310030102
    Optica C - Hard Shell Eyewear Case
    Glossy Black PU Leather/ Black lining
    160 x 65 x 33 mm.

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  3. 00310050102
    Optica - 3 Grid Eyewear Case
    Matt Black PU Leather/ Black Velour Lining
    162 x 184 x 52 mm.

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  4. 00310060102
    Optica - 5 Grid Eyewear Case
    Matt Black PU Leather/ Black Velour Lining
    301 x 168 x 52 mm.

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Elegant branded eyewear cases - personalised for you

Eyewear cases for opticians and eyewear designers

In this category, you can find our entire selection of stylish eyewear cases for storage, transport, and protection of eyewear.

Whether you are an eyewear designer or an optician, the glasses cases from Westpack is an amazing branding opportunity. We offer logo printing on all of our cases.

When you sell a pair of sunglasses or glasses, you could give away a free eyewear case, so the glasses will not get scratches. It is a very nice service to offer. At the same time, the glasses cases can function as tiny "billboards" with your company name and logo. That way, the customers will never forget where they bought their glasses. And hopefully, they will return, when they need a new pair.

Hardshell & foldable cases for glasses

Our foldable eyeglass cases are not only elegant they are also very practical! A foldable case takes up very little space in your shop and your customer's bag when it is not in use. And they are of course easily assembled.

We also offer the classic hardshell cases, which offers great protection of the eyewear. The size of our hardshell eyewear cases is compatible with most types of glasses and sunglasses - a versatile and durable choice.

So what do the models have in common? They are made from durable materials, covered in leatherette and lined with soft velour. Take a look at our different sizes and models, so you get the right fit for your needs. We offer logo printing in selected printing colours - read more on the individual products.

3 or 5 grid eyewear cases - cases for multiple glasses

Perhaps you allow your customers to borrow multiple pairs of glasses, so they can decide on a pair? With an eyeglass case for multiple pairs, the customer can take home the eyewear without the risk of scratching them.

You can also use the cases for storing the glasses in your shop. Or perhaps offer it as an additional sales item, so your customers have a safe place for storing their eyewear.

The cases for multiple pieces of eyewear are also made from durable materials. They are covered with black leatherette and lined with velour, which results in a classic yet contemporary look. The cases are divided into practical compartments, so the glasses are protected from scratches and are laying stably.

Accessories for glasses

Apart from our eyewear cases, we also offer a selection of accessories for your optical store or design brand. Like our branded polishing cloths, which are perfect for promoting your company. Place the polishing cloth below the glasses, so your customer always has it ready.

You could also consider our Eyewear care kit as an additional sales item in your shop. Or perhaps as a free gift for your customers?

See our entire selection of accessories for glasses >

And remember to check out our branded carrier bags for your store. If you want to add some extra wow-factor, you can fill the carrier bag with tissue paper. Choose a beautiful colour that matches your brand!

If you need help finding the right packaging for your brand, you are very welcome to contact our sales department.

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