Why we love rose

This entry was posted February 25, 2021
Why we love rose-coloured Packaging

Rose - the contemporary and stylish choice

Rose coloured packaging is more popular than ever - with good reason! The feminine colour stands out from the crowd and adds a feminine and contemporary touch to your packaging.

The rose colour palette has a wide range from a delicate and calm blush to the more playful and powerful pink.

Especially the low-key, dusty and calm tones are popular and are often seen in fashion. On fashion catwalks, different shades of rose colour reappear season after season. It is typical for fashion trends to be reflected in many other industries, such as interior design, but certainly also in packaging.

Last year, rose colour was predicted to be a big fall season hit, and the same goes for the upcoming fall season (AW21/22), according to the Pantone Color Institute. In other words, rose colour is not just a passing trend, but a contemporary and stylish choice!

Why we love rose-coloured Packaging



A feminine and romantic colour.

Rose is toned down and soft - a colour filled with empathy and compassion. The colour is friendly and feminine and comes in a myriad of shades, from a discrete blush to hot pink.

Rose exudes kindness and creativity. A bold and stylish colour choice.

Why we love rose-coloured Packaging

Rose-coloured packaging

At Westpack, we experience a demand for romantic and low-key colour nuances, and our rose-coloured jewellery boxes are a popular choice right now.

Apart from jewellery boxes, we also have a broad selection of jewellery pouches, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and ribbons. Last October, we introduced our rose-coloured postal boxes, and the latest additions to our product range are Milano ECO, London ECO, and Plano Fix in beautiful rose-coloured nuances.

Which style do you prefer?


Romantic tone-in-tone

Create a romantic and feminine look by choosing all your packaging, gift wrapping, etc., in shades of rose. This way, you get a calm but eye-catching tone-in-tone expression.

Tone-in-tone is a brave choice and if it is combined the right way, it can be incredibly beautiful!

Why we love rose-coloured Packaging


Why we love rose-coloured Packaging

Add a twist by using a contrasting colour

IIf you want to add a twist to the low-key look, you could add a contrasting colour like orange, blue or natural cardboard, which will give your packaging a more contemporary feel.

It doesn't take a lot to create a beautiful contrast. With everything from printing colours and labels to larger elements such as carrier bags, tissue paper, or ribbon, choose one colour and stick with that.

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