Personal unboxing experiences - 3 customer examples

This entry was posted May 23, 2022

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The unboxing phenomenon is here to stay - and we can see why.

In recent years, we have come up with many suggestions for putting together your packaging to create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. We have shown examples of how your postal boxes can be personalized with logo printing both on the inside and on the outside, how tissue paper can add an extra elegant touch, and we have made free "Thank you" cards that you have been able to use.

Now is the time to show how some of our customers have taken our ideas to heart! We have found three beautiful unboxing examples on Instagram that we have been allowed to share - perhaps you will be inspired?

Salome Schmuck

German Salome Schmuck has chosen a classic plain brown postal box with a large logo print in the colour metallic gold.

The postal box is lined with a piece of light rose-coloured tissue paper as well as rose-coloured and white Santiago jewellery boxes, which are also printed with gold - which matches the gold jewellery perfectly.



We have been using Westpack for our packaging for about 10 years and are more than satisfied with the personalized design and quality of our jewelry cases and postal boxes. Our customers love unpacking their new jewelry and oftentimes complement our thoughtful packaging. We would definitely recommend Westpack!

- Salome Schmuck

S. Howell Studios

American S. Howell Studios has chosen a classic plain brown postal box for its shipments. The large, graphic logo print is printed with a metallic gold-coloured foil.

The postal box is lined with our light gray eco-friendly tissue paper combined with white London ECO jewellery boxes in several different sizes. As a final touch, a small "Thank you" card is attached.



I’d been on the hunt for elegant, earth-friendly jewelry boxes for at least 2 years before finding these. And once I found them, I was apprehensive because I wasn’t able to get my logo printed in dark teal like it has been. I ordered samples and loved them but sat with them for a bit before deciding a slight change in branding is 100% worth taking better care of the planet.

These boxes are not only well made but look beautiful and are so much kinder to the earth than the ones I was using previously. I’m thrilled that Westpack has introduced eco foam inserts and hope they make white ones soon. I absolutely love their shipping boxes too which come in many sizes and are easily customizable. And with the self-adhesive strip I don’t need to use packing tape anymore!

I highly recommend Westpack for their customer service, high-end products at affordable prices, and commitment to caring for our planet.

- S. Howell Studios

The Cove Home & Bathing Co

British The Cove Bathing Co has chosen the feminine rose-coloured postal box, which fits perfectly with the delivered product. The large logo print is printed with a beautiful metallic copper-colored foil.

The postal box is lined with a piece of tissue paper with a personal logo print, and as the final touch, dried flowers are sprinkled on top.



My experience with Westpack has been 100% positive and I'm so impressed by the service and the product quality. Our pink printed boxes have become a signature for our brand and our customers absolutely love them. Competitive in price and superior in quality. I have recommended Westpack to so many other business owners already and will continue to do so!

- The Cove Home & Bathing Co

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