Creating catching photos within a moment

This entry was posted May 29, 2018

Online shop or social media? We all know the importance of great photos. Catch your customer’s attention by using lovely showcases and product photos. The key word to this is Eyecatcher!

It is easier said than done. You might struggle to present your products photos good in a photograph as in real life? We have asked our expert decorator and photographer, how to make the right showcase. We give you her five best tips:

  1. Decorations really pop out on clear acrylic displays!
    Make your photos and showcases exciting to look at. Build a small, stylish arrangement with display cubes and seasonal decoration. Add extra dimension by using the clear acrylic displays for a “pop-up” effect. By using coloured wrapping paper or fabrics under the displays, you discreetly add colour or pattern to your displays.

  2. Avoid shadows
    Light is important when you take your photos. Using the right display material can help you a long way. Use clear acrylic displays so light can shine through the displays. This results in fewer shadows in your photos.

  3. Make coherent photos
    Having the same background for all photos will add coherence to your photos. The coherence is not only for your customer’s benefit, it also makes it easier for you to take new product photos.

  4. Use tinfoil to add shine and light to your jewellery
    Yes – plain, standard tinfoil. Tinfoil is absolutely amazing to reflect the light. Cover a piece of cardboard with tinfoil (don’t worry if the tinfoil is not completely smooth) and create your very own reflecting screen, usable for any future photos.
    Watch the video.

  5. Close-ups are brilliant
    A stylish showcase always works, but a great close-up can be an eye-catcher. A close-up can show your products in a unique way. Use the close-ups for elegant details, and breath-taking effects in your photos.

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