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This entry was posted November 1, 2019

Now is the time to stock up for the holidays. We have a busy time ahead, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas coming up. When you’re in the middle of the Christmas rush, there is hardly time to focus on your packaging stock. Make sure you stock up in good time! Now would be the perfect time to order, as we add a freebie to each order above € 200!

All you have to do is to place your order online, latest on Friday the 8th of November, 2019. Don't wait too long though, lest we run out of gifts!

How to get your gift

You just order everything you need in our online shop. Your order amount decides which gift we include. Note: the order amount excl. VAT, service charges, cliché costs and freight costs. As if it were magic, your gift will automatically appear in your shopping cart during checkout!

Give us a call, should you have any questions! Reach us by phone, e-mail or online chat!


Gift 1: Order for 200 GBP/USD/EUR

Gift-wrapping Kit
Get ready to wrap a ton of Christmas presents...

Order for € 200 / £ 200 / 200 USD and receive this handy gift-wrapping kit. The kit contains a roll of plain ribbon in silver, a roll of shiny deluxe ribbon in gold, and a roll of beaded ribbon in silver. On top of that, you receive a Westpack thermos mug, to keep your coffee steaming during the cold days to come.


Gift 2: Order for 400 GBP/USD/EUR

Gift-wrapping Kit + Bowdabra + Ribbon Shredder
All the tools you need for the job

Buy for € 400 / £ 400 / 400 USD and receive everything from Gift n° 1, along with two brilliant tools: The Bowdabra Bowmaker and the Ribbon Shredder from Gift n° 2 enable you to turn all the lovely ribbons from Gift n° 1 into a splendid bow. Use your new ribbon shredder and Bowdabra bowmaker to turn your gift-wraps into truly extraordinary Christmas presents!

View our many photos and instruction videos for inspiration, in our online photo gallery.


Gift 3: Order for 800 GBP/USD/EUR

Gift-wrapping Kit + Bowdabra + Ribbon Shredder + Presentation Tray
Present your jewellery in style

Buy for € 800 / £ 800 / 800 USD and receive everything from Gift n° 1 and 2, along with a beautiful presentation tablet. To sum it up, you receive three different ribbons, a bowmaker, a ribbon shredder and a presentation tray. The presentation tray has a matt black wooden frame and a soft leatherette pillow. This elegant tray is perfect for showing jewellery to your customers, giving them a “soft landing”, rather than placing them directly onto your counter.

The offer is valid from the 4th of November, 2019 up to and including the 8th of November, 2019. You receive a maximum of one gift per customer. The gifts cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. The total amount of your order determines which bonus gift you receive. The amount is excluding VAT, cliché costs, administrative charges and freight costs. It is not possible to receive a combination of the different gifts nor receive gifts that are linked to a different order amount. The offer is only valid for orders placed in the stated period. Westpack cannot be held liable for any printing errors and / or sold out products. Therefore, the contents of the packages may vary slightly, should the presented products no longer be in stock.

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