7 colour trends we will see this fall

This entry was posted July 29, 2020
7 colour trends we will see this fall!

Are you thinking about trying something new or changing the colour of your jewellery packaging, gift wrapping, bags or accessories?

You can take inspiration from the fashion world and its colour trends for AW 20/21. The colours of the fashion industry set the tone for many other industries, including furniture and decor, graphic design, jewellery or packaging.

Use colours to make your packaging stand out and express yourself. Let us guide you through the season's biggest colour trends, which you are guaranteed to see throughout the year.

Every year, the experts at the Pantone Color Institute look at what colours will be relevant in the coming seasons. What do the colours of autumn and winter 20/21 have in common? A need and a desire for versatile and timeless colours that encourage creativity and functionality. A wish for colours that stand out, but at the same time is not short-lived. A desire to move from seasonal trends to more well-thought-out items. There is a demand for new classics that can be used again season after season.

”Offering a rich narrative, the color palette for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 highlights our desire for versatile, timeless color. Reflecting a 'less is more' mindset that is becoming increasingly important to consumers prioritizing value and functionality, our color palette is stripped of exces.”

- Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director - Pantone Color Institute

Where we last autumn saw earthy and burnt shades of brown, red and orange as well as dark shades of blue and green, the palette is wider this year - here the colour includes both delicate and dark shades. Colours like peach, beige, sand and rose colour are in the subtle end of the spectrum, while green, blue, orange and red especially is seen in more intense nuances.

The colours of the coming season match each other really well. You can choose to stick to one simple color for a minimalist and subtle look, you can combine different colours for a more daring and prominent look with a great contrast.

Colour scheme

7 colour trends - season AW 20/21

We love colors, and our range you can find everything from classic black, gray and white to soft pastels and more intense colours. We have chosen 7 different colours from AW 20/21, which we know our customers love.

For each colour, you can find a wide selection of jewellery boxes, bags, wrapping paper, ribbon etc. in our online store.



Feminine, modern, soft, kind

Rose colour is a popular and modern colour that gives your packaging a feminine look. Combine the delicate colour with colours like blue or nature to create a nice contrast to the soft look.

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Jewellery packaging - rose colour



Sophisticated, energetic, loving

Red is a classic colour that gives a sophisticated and gorgeous look. In this season, the colour is seen in many shades - from dark bordeaux to intense rose red. Red can e.g. be combined with black or gold.

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Jewellery packaging - red



Confident, reliable, inspiring

Blue is a calm and elegant colour. In the fashion world it is seen in everything from a dusty light shade to a deep dark navy. Play with the nuances and combine the blue colour with e.g. gold, white and nature.

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Jewellery packaging - blue



Calm, confident, balanced

Green is a harmonious colour, which in the coming season will be seen in several different shades - from light mint to darker shades such as olive and thorn. Green looks beautiful alongside beige, nature and golden hues.

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Jewellery packaging - green



Soft, reliable, elegant, calm

Beige is a modern and natural colour that is available in many shades. A beautiful and versatile colour that can be combined with a myriad of colours to create contrasting packaging - try it e.g. with blue, black or rose colour.

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Jewellery packaging - beige



Timeless, reliable, sturdy

Gray is a popular and calm colour, which is neutral in itself. The colour is available in many shades from light and feminine to dark and raw. Combine it with a colour of a certain intensity to create a beautiful contrast.

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Jewellery packaging - grey



Elegant, stylish, classic, sophisticated

Black is the most classic colour of them all, and it will never go out of style. A lovely colour for jewellery packaging, because it it exudes elegance. Combine it with colours and materials that gives a good contrast - e.g. metallic printing colours, paper or ribbon.

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Jewellery packaging - black

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