Why we love tissue paper

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Most people know the beautiful, silky soft and smooth tissue paper, and there is a good reason for that: tissue paper is a popular and elegant choice for stores when it comes to adding the final touch to the shopping experience. You can see tissue paper used for wrapping everything from jewellery and accessories to clothing, lingerie and flowers, and it has many more uses.

The tissue paper is light and soft with a relatively high tensile strength, and it feels - as the name implies - more like fabric than paper. It is made from thin paper fibres, which are dyed and processed into the fine, thin sheets we all know and love.

Stand out and make an impression with tissue paper

Add an element of exclusivity to your packaging and show your customers that you are meticulous about details when they visit your store or order online. The tissue paper adds an elegant touch and makes your packaging stand out!

Why not use the tissue paper for gift wrapping as an alternative to the traditional wrapping paper? Or how about using it as filling in your gift box, postal box or carrier bag?

The delicate, thin paper helps to give your customers an unboxing experience they might not have expected, and together with a little personal greeting - a few sweets or similar - you can take your packaging to an even higher level. Such experiences help you create a good relationship with your customer. And maybe your customer will even share the experience on social media - who doesn't love good publicity?

Whether you sell through a physical store or via an online store, the packaging stage is where you lay the foundation for an excellent first impression. We have gathered some tips and tricks on how you can easily beautify the classic carrier bag, gift box or postal box. All it takes is a bit of tissue paper, a stylish ribbon, adhesive labels and maybe a gift tag. Together, these things will transform the impression and the experience.

TIP: if you are the creative type, you can use tissue paper for countless decorative DIY projects. Find inspiration here >

Tissue paper and postal boxes

Postal boxes

Use the tissue paper as a foundation or a filler in postal boxes when you sell your jewellery online.

Give your customer an unboxing experience by wrapping the jewellery and finishing with an adhesive label or a beautiful ribbon. Perhaps you could also add a card with a personal greeting.

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Tissue paper and gift boxes

Gift boxes

If you use gift boxes in your store, you can use tissue paper as a beautiful supplement.

Wrap the jewellery neatly in the tissue paper - fold it like an envelope and seal it with an adhesive label and a ribbon. Decorate it by adding a stamp, stickers, a small branch or similar.

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Tissue paper and bags


Tissue paper adds an extra touch to the classic carrier bag or the practical gift bag.

Fill the bag with tissue paper and let it extend the top of the bag. Lower the jewellery or gift into the tissue paper, add a gift tag and decorate with a beautiful ribbon or gift toppers like a rosette.

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Why we love tissue paper

Tissue paper in all the colours of the rainbow

We have a large selection of tissue paper in different qualities and patterns as well as in many different beautiful and vibrant colours. There is something for everyone, and you can find precisely the type that suits your brand.

Looking for eco-friendly tissue paper? We have just expanded our range of tissue paper made from FSC®-certified paper.


Did you know... In addition to tissue paper, we also have kraft tissue paper, which has a stronger and coarser quality - it is made of 100% recycled paper and is particularly suitable as a void fill that will protect your shipment.

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Beautiful tissue paper - see a selection here:

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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