DIY: Creative ideas with tissue paper

This entry was posted 20 augustus 2020
Tissue paper DIY

Tissue paper is not only suitable for wrapping - if you are the creative type, you can also use it for countless DIY projects. Here we give you some examples of how to use tissue paper for beautiful decorations.

Do you have a physical store or an online store?

Whether you have a store or an online store, you can use decorations made from tissue paper in your branding and marketing.

Create small fine gifts from some exquisite gift wrap and decorate them with ribbons and tissue paper flowers, to create an eye-catching element in your shop windows. You can also make pompoms in different sizes, which can be hung in the windows or placed between your jewellery displays.

If you own an online store or if you are active on social media like Instagram, you know that beautiful and inspiring pictures are a must. Use your tissue paper creations in the photo studio when taking inspiring pictures - for example, make arrangements with displays or trays and use tissue paper flowers, pompoms and figures as props to create depth and add a colourful element to the images.

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How to make flowers of tissue paper


How to make pompoms of tissue paper

Tissue paper DIY

Which colour suits your brand?

Find the colour that suits your brand and style and choose 1-2 contrasting colours to create a beautiful play of colours for your display or your pictures. It can be difficult to find the right colour scheme, so here it can be an advantage to look at colour palettes for inspiration - use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. You can also choose to change colour depending on the season.

Tissue paper is available in many different beautiful colours in both vibrant and more toned down shades. We also have a selection of glitter tissue paper, dotted tissue paper and tissue paper in various metallic colours.

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Tissue paper DIY


Tissue paper DIY

Beautiful tissue paper - see a selection here:

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