New colour: Boston ECO Terracotta

This entry was posted 26 mei 2021
New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta

Boston ECO is an elegant jewellery box. Its stylish design and minimalist expression breathe Scandinavian simplicity. Classic, simple and modern. We expanded the series with a new, beautiful colour, and now we are proudly introducing Boston ECO Terracotta!

Boston ECO is made from FSC®-certified cardboard and paper. The jewellery boxes are printed with Westpack's ECO-brand and the FSC®-logo underneath the base.

What kind of colour is Terracotta?

Terracotta means "burnt soil" and refers to the raw, burnt clay that is used for building materials and sculptures as well as the classic terracotta pots associated with e.g. Italy.

As a colour, terracotta is a beautiful blend of brown as well as red or orange. A warm and down-to-earth colour found in many shades from burnt orange to brown and red hues.

In recent years, the colour has become a popular choice in the fashion world as well as in interior design, where it helps create a warm and calm expression. Terracotta goes well with colours such as grey, white, cream and rose as well as the complementary colours blue and green.

What colours work with terracotta?

Below you can find inspiration on how to add a touch of terracotta to your packaging!

New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta Terracotta and rose

By combining terracotta and rose colour, you can achieve an elegant and feminine expression. Here, we have combined Boston ECO in terracotta with a rose-coloured postal box with print on the outside as well as rose-coloured wrapping paper and satin ribbon.

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New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta Terracotta and warm beige

Create a bright and elegant look by combining terracotta with beige-coloured elements. Here, we have chosen a carrier bag, tissue paper and wrapping paper in various light, beige-coloured shades and Boston ECO in terracotta.

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New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta Terracotta and green

A beautiful and incredibly elegant expression can be achieved by combining the warm terracotta colour with elements in shades of green. Here, we have used a dark green ECO carrier bag, made of paper, filled with tissue paper in a matching shade.

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New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta Terracotta and grey

Create a beautiful, raw contrast to the warm terracotta-coloured jewellery box by combining it with grey in different shades. Here, we have chosen carrier bags in both grey and terracotta as well as a grey organza pouch and jute twine for wrapping Boston ECO in terracotta colour.

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New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta Terracotta and blue

Dark blue is an elegant colour choice, which creates an absolutely fantastic contrast to the terracotta-coloured Boston Eco jewellery boxes. Here we have made a combination with a carrier bag, cotton pouch, tissue paper and satin ribbon in matching dark blue shades.

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New colour: We present Boston ECO Terracotta

Colour trends for AW 2021/2022

Twice a year, the Pantone Color Institute's "Fashion Color Trend Report” is published, which provides an insight into which colours will be found in the fashion world in the coming seasons. The colours of the fashion industry set the tone for many other industries, including furniture and decor, graphic design, jewellery or packaging.

Colour palette for AW 2021/2022

The colours for the coming autumn, AW 2021/2022, are a mixture of natural and low-key colours such as brown, blue and green shades combined with rose colour, pink, and red.

Shades like terracotta and burnt orange are also represented, making the new Boston ECO an obvious and modern choice for the upcoming season - and maybe it could end up being your favourite?

New printing colour: wine red

The logos underneath the base of our Terracotta-coloured Boston ECO boxes are printed with our new printing colour, which we have named Wine Red - a fantastic colour that matches Terracotta incredibly well!

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Sounds interesting? Order a free sample!

Do you want to see how beautiful the new colour and texture is? Pictures don't do the boxes justice. Why not order a free sample so you can see, feel and try the boxes before you make up your mind?

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
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