Nieuw: Sieradendoosjes met luxe sleeve, genaamd Madrid

This entry was posted 10 januari 2020

Black soft-touch with an elegant sleeve; Madrid looks absolutely fabulous!

Westpacks product development never stands still. This spring, we launched our first drawer-style jewellery box: Stockholm. Now it's time for yet another box, our first jewellery box with a high-end sleeve.

Two sources of inspiration

Sales manager Henrik Hansen is in charge of Westpacks product development, and he is over the moon with this new jewellery box. About the design process, he says: 'Madrid is clearly designed in the same style as two of our most popular jewellery boxes: Oslo and London. The way the new boxes are shaped is similar to the Oslo jewellery box; both have clean lines and a hinged lid. To that, we added the soft-touch surface from the London series.'

A spacious, fully lined, high-end jewellery boxes with a masculine look.
Perfect for bulky jewellery or as an all-round gift-box.

'Nevertheless, Madrid has a very distinctive look' Hansen says and elaborates: 'The boxes are quite deep, deeper than Oslo, which makes the boxes more stable. It also makes them able to accommodate larger or bulkier jewellery. The boxes are fully lined with soft velour, which gives the boxes a high-end feel. You can even remove the inserts entirely if you need a high-end, spacious box for something other than jewellery.' Hansen continues: 'When you open the box, you find a lid-pad on the inside of the lid. This lid-pad is made in the same soft-touch as used for the boxes' exterior, which creates a sense of coherence between the interior and the exterior. '

With High-End Sleeve

The biggest difference is something quite distinguishable for this box: the high-end sleeve. Henrik explains: 'We have quite a few customers asking for a sleeve for their jewellery boxes. We wanted to accommodate this request, in a way that would really add something special to the boxes. I feel that it turned out rather well.' Madrid has a sturdy sleeve with the same soft-touch surface as the jewellery boxes. The sleeve is lined with velour. This makes the boxes slide out more easily and, as an added bonus, gives the boxes a sophisticated look.

Including two prints

'We know branding is important for our customers, which is why we make sure to factor it in when we design new products. They simply have to be personalisable. The same applies to this new jewellery box: it can be personalised with your logo. In fact, no less than two logo prints are included in the price!' Henrik says and continues:

Personalised jewellery boxes strengthen your brand identity and give
your jewellery boxes a high-end finishing touch.

'We personalise both the sleeve and the lid-pad inside the box. This is one of the reasons we used a soft-touch lid pad, instead of continuing the velour lining in the lid. We use hot-stamp when we brand your jewellery boxes, and soft-touch cardboard is the perfect material for this. Therefore, your logo print will look amazing on this surface.'

Madrid comes in six handy sizes and is -naturally- tarnish-free.

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