Additional sales: jewellery cases as Christmas presents!

This entry was posted 5 november 2020

A jewellery collection is filled with memories and stories. Here, memorable gifts lie side by side with small declarations of love and cherished heirlooms from family members. In short: it is a treasure for safekeeping and a reserve of style and expression.

Jewellery is something that you can enjoy all of your life. It is also one of the most meaningful things you can pass down to younger generations. But how do you keep them safe? We recommend a beautiful jewellery case. Indispensable at home and an awesome product for additional sales in your store.

Jewellery and watches are excellent gifts. But if your customers are looking for additional gifts, you could try and suggest a jewellery case or a watch case. We offer a luxurious selection of storage solutions for both jewellery and watches in a classic and elegant design that suits most people.


Jewellery cases

A great idea for a gift for him/her!

We have a wide selection of beautiful jewellery cases which are far more than just practical storage solutions. They are as beautiful as they are decorative - fitting for any bathroom or wardrobe.

The jewellery cases are perfect additional sales items, because your customers are likely to have a need for them. Who hasn't experienced losing a piece of jewellery or struggled with a necklace that was entangled with other chains in the drawer?

Our jewellery cases are divided into compartments with different inserts, which makes it easy to organize the jewellery and get an overview. With proper storage, you can also avoid damage and scratches - and of course the annoying knots on the chains!

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Additional sales: jewellery & watch cases as Christmas presents!

TIP: Our jewellery cases and watch cases are sold individually, so you don't have to buy a lot of them to get started.

Additional sales: jewellery & watch cases as Christmas presents!

Watch cases

Watch cases have gained popularity in recent years. Perhaps it is because many people own multiple watches and use them for different occasions.

We have an exciting selection of watch cases. The range has recently been expanded with two new wooden variants, which are really stylish. Our watch cases have room for 4-12 watches and are available in different materials and designs.

Just like our jewellery cases, our watch cases are perfect as additional sales items - and they are excellent gifts! A wristwatch is an investment and if you take good care of it, you have it for many years! Not only does a watch case organize the watch collection - it also ensures that the watches aren't scratched or damaged, which you often risk when storing them in an ordinary drawer.

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Please note: we only sell our watch cases and jewellery cases to business customers, and therefore you must be logged in to be able to see the prices of each model.

Popular jewellery cases & watch cases:

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