Westpack releases new ESG report

This entry was posted 24 augustus 2021
Read Westpack's ESG report 2020-2021

Westpack's new ESG report is here: a report that sums up the ESG-related activities from the company’s recently completed fiscal year 2020-21. Read on to learn more about some of the new initiatives.

Westpack’s reports of yesteryear were called CSR reports (short for Corporate Social Responsibility) and going forward the name will be ESG report (short for Environmental – Social – Governance). How come?

For many companies, CSR is a precursor for ESG, with the former encouraging them to launch sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives and the latter requiring them to dig deeper and find ways to measure the progress of these initiatives. Furthermore, ESG involves a particularly transparent reporting approach, where the supply chain is examined as well.

Read Westpack's ESG report 2020-2021

As Morten Dalsgaard writes in his CEO opening statement of the report:

“Throughout the years, we have expanded our way of thinking about the CSR from it being strictly about our company to encompassing several links of our supply chain. In short, we have been raising the bar year after year. Naturally, therefore, our annual report about sustainability and social responsibility should reflect this; hence the broadened perspective and the name change from CSR to ESG.”

In addition, the significant division into three headings (Environmental, Social & Governance) means that the report has a clear focus on relevant efforts.

Read Westpack’s ESG report for 2020/21 here >

The ESG-report

Among other things, you can read about how Westpack’s Danish headquarter has switched to green energy and how you can soon buy jewellery box foam inserts made from processed pine trees.

You can also learn how the air in the woodworking departments of one of our cooperating factories became cleaner and how Westpack has planted 3,105 trees in a national park in Indonesia.

Read Westpack's ESG report 2020-2021


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