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  1. 02581041100
    ECO-friendly Self-sealing Shipping Bag, 250 pcs
    Matt Black Recycled Plastic with Golden Print
    200 x 200 mm.
    60 My

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  2. 02581051100
    ECO-Friendly Double Self-sealing Shipping Bag
    250 pcs Matt Black Recycled Plastic w Golden Print
    200 x 200 mm.
    60 My

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  3. 32370070000
    100x Eco-friendly Bubble Mailers, medium
    White paper envelope with plastic bubble-lining
    273 x 200 x 4 mm.

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  4. 32370080000
    100x Eco-friendly Bubble Mailers, large
    White paper envelope with plastic bubble-lining
    350 x 250 x 4 mm.

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  5. 32370100000
    50x Eco-friendly Bubble Mailers, XL
    White paper envelope with plastic bubble-lining
    478 x 365 x 4 mm.

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  6. 32370110000
    200x Eco-friendly Bubble Mailers, small
    White paper envelope with plastic bubble-lining
    175 x 120 x 4 mm.

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  7. 32370150000
    Eco-friendly Kraft Paper
    Brown, FSC®-certified
    40 cm x 200 m

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Postal bags and envelopes for your online shop

Affordable and practical postal bags and bubble mailers

Ship your online orders safely with a postal bag or envelope. See our wide selection here and find the type of postal packaging that suits your needs.

What our envelopes and bags have in common is the fact that they are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic/paper. You can read more about the material on each product page.

Choose envelopes or postal bags for shipping your orders - they are easy to use, and they don't take up a lot of warehouse space. We offer postal bags and envelopes in different sizes. Maybe you need to choose several sizes so you can ship everything from a single item to multiple items at the same time.

If the contents of the bag or envelope are relatively flat, there is a bonus! It is in most cases possible to deliver it directly to your customer's mailbox - if your carrier allows it, of course.

Classic protective bubble mailers

You are probably familiar with bubble mailers - also known as bubble envelopes. It is the classic, white envelopes padded with bubble wrap to protect the content during transport.

Our selection of bubble mailers features adhesive strips that make it easy to prepare orders for shipment. Use the bubble mailers together with a sturdy jewellery box or wrap your jewellery in a stylish jewellery pouch. But consider the possibility that you might need some extra protection in the form of corrugated cardboard or kraft tissue paper.

Eco-friendly padded envelopes

As an alternative to the bubble mailers, we also have a selection of padded paper envelopes. The difference between the two is the fact that the padded envelopes do not contain any plastic. Instead, they are lined with sturdy cardboard, that protects the contents in the same way that the bubble mailers do.

Our padded envelopes are made from recycled paper and are also closed using an adhesive strip. Padded envelopes are a convenient choice that will ensure that your shipments arrive safely.

Practical plastic postal bags

Postal bags - also known as shipping bags and mail-order bags - are a popular choice among many online stores. They can be used for shipping clothes and shoes, but can, of course, also be used for shipping jewellery. Here you can choose to combine them with our extra flat and sturdy jewellery boxes specifically designed for shipment.

Our mail-order bags are made from recycled plastic and feature a practical adhesive strip - in some cases even two. One for shipping and one for returning. The adhesive strip is protected by a paper strip that is easy to remove when you want to close the bag.

Do you want to make your shipments more personal? See our branded postal bags here >

Everything you need for shipment

We offer a wide range of packaging and accessories for your online store. Apart from our postal bags and envelopes, we offer a wide range of postal boxes that will take your shipping to a whole new level.

We also have an assortment of void fill for packaging, like bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, tape guns, knives and similar - you can find it all here.

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