Customer case:

Camille Brinch

I can say it briefly: Westpack creates wow-experiences.

When my sister Camille started her jewellery brand in 2017, she quickly found out that Westpack was a great supplier. In the beginning, she ordered the jewellery boxes directly from Westpack's online store, but as our business really took off, we needed a 100% customized unboxing experience.

Today, it is not just a question of selling your products - it is a question of creating amazing customer experiences. In cooperation with Maja from Westpack, we have developed a custom unboxing experience, that will help us create 100,000 wow-experiences this year. Maja has really listened, been understanding, and constantly tried to create more value for us throughout the process.

I have a feeling that we will be cooperating with Westpack for a long time.

- Daniel Brinch