Jewellery boxes made in Denmark

This entry was posted July 21, 2020
Jewellery boxes made in Denmark

For more than 60 years, Westpack has designed and produced jewellery boxes - but did you know that a large portion of these jewellery boxes are produced in Denmark?

Boston, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Torino are among the jewellery boxes that we produce in our factory in Holstebro, and which we ship to customers all over the world.

Every week, we produce more than 400,000 plastic and cardboard boxes in our factory. We do this to keep our warehouse stocked, so we can process orders quickly - a solution which guarantees a great deal of flexibility and shorter delivery times than you would expect from e.g. China. As an added bonus, we avoid the emission-heavy transport from Asia to our Danish warehouse - this contributes to a lower CO2-impact per product.



Production of jewellery boxes

Our colleagues in production are doing frequent quality checks to ensure that our products live up to the great quality you expect from Westpack. This means that you get a consistent quality when you order a shipment of jewellery boxes.

Apart from the production, we also have a printing line in the factory where we brand the jewellery boxes with your logo. This is done by hot stamping metal foil with a cliché. Your logo is debossed onto the surface of the product, and the melted foil fills out the indentations.

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Why choose 'Made In Denmark'?

  •   Always the same quality
  •   Eco-friendly production
  •   Great flexibility
  •   Quality at great prices
  •   Quick delivery

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Westpack's production area

Eco-friendly choice

We have a lot of focus on eco-friendly production and eco-friendly packaging. In our production we have optimized our energy consumption by replacing old machines with new ones that are more energy-efficient - and we have updated our electric installations as well.

Eco-friendly jewellery boxes are a popular choice, which is why we produce several series of jewellery boxes in eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic or FSC®-certified cardboard and paper. We are constantly working on introducing more eco-friendly materials and alternatives. When we develop and introduce new products we are always looking to use many eco-friendly materials as possible.

Here in our online store you can clearly see wheather a recycled material has been used - or FSC®-paper, organic materials or similar; you can see all the information on the individual product.

We brand our eco-friendly jewellery boxes with Westpack's own ECO brand, so it’s clear to see that you are looking at an eco-friendly product.

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

Jewellery boxes made in Denmark:

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