Westpack CSR and Policies


Westpack is always at the cutting-edge of challenges. We make decisions and changes proactively, if we see problems arising. On-time care, so to speak. For instance in terms of solving problems/optimisation with procurement and quality tests. But also in terms of employee care, organisation and recruiting. In short, CSR.


Our manageable size makes us able to see the customer as a common project. Not your customer and my customer, but our customer. Thus, a whole team knows your case in detail. We build a community with our customers, invite them to China, making our partnership confident and safe.

However, Westpack is also a strong internal community. A number of motivating and social activities have created a strong sense of community amongst the employees of the company. Something, our customers can sense in form of real presence and genuine interest in their business.


A trustful dialogue with customers is the base of Westpack. A transparent organisation, honest dialogue and open calculations are the foundation of high credibility in open negotiations with Westpack’s customers and suppliers. That is one of the reasons for choosing us. A deal is a deal and delivery doesn’t end until everything is conducted as agreed. That is credible and a behaviour that permeates every fibre of our organisation.

Business Acumen

Westpack conducts business according to the principle of proper business acumen. In terms of our own business, but also on behalf of our customers. A good deal is only good if it creates value for both parties. We are proud to be a valuable part of the value chain of our customers and nothing else makes sense to us. We believe that long-term relations invigorate the businesses of both parties. And that is good business acumen to Westpack.

Westpack Policies

As confirmed by Westpack’s values, CSR, responsibility and credibility have high priority in our organisation. And since CSR is a point of emphasis for many of our partners, it is also one of our absolute field of focus. In China, Westpack has selected a number of suppliers in collaboration with Bureau Veritas and the Chinese division, who produce packaging made of wood, acrylic and plastic – for displays, bags and boxes.

Bureau Veritas is Westpack´s invaluable fellow player to ensure that we get to ”peek inside” the business and production conditions of our selected suppliers, in order to gain the required insight in all relevant conditions – not only concerning the production, but also the somewhat sensitive employee conditions. Westpack has further SA 8000 audited employees, who conduct CSR audits in close collaboration with Bureau Veritas, making Westpack responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations in terms of raw material use, sustainability, working conditions, child labour, overpayment, overtime etc.

Doing ethically sound business in Asia requires a level of diligence and prudence that is not necessary in Europe, where most of our customers are based. True to the core values of Westpack, we go to great lengths to ensure a sustainable impact on the countries in which we operate.

Westpack is a full member of amfori, which gives access to the BSCI platform. The platform is renowned for its transparency in the monitoring process. Another key advantage is the amfori Academy which provides training and e-learning to members and will allow Westpack’s staff in Asia to expand their expertise and remain up to date on CSR. The employees of our suppliers also gain access to the amfori Academy, which will further strengthen Westpack’s value chain. Although we are changing the auditing platform, we will continue our close cooperation with Bureau Veritas who will be conducting the BSCI audits for us. Bureau Veritas has been assisting us in auditing factories since 2014.

We only collaborate with suppliers, who have signed and observe our Code of Conduct, inspired by SA 8000, and further sign an agreement on 100% compliance with our guidelines and intentions, aligned with:

  • SA 8000
  • FSC®
  • EUTR(where Westpack has: licence to operate)
  • Reach (SVHC)

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

Westpack ESG Report

Read more about the CSR initiatives we have already made and which ones we are planning to make in our annual CSR report. Our core activities are human resources and environment.

Westpack ESG 2023
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Westpack CSR 2020
Westpack CSR 2019
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Westpack Documents

Read more about EUTR, REACH and Westpack´s Code of Conduct.

Westpack EUTR
Westpack EUTR (479.99 kB)
Westpack REACH
Westpack REACH (329.06 kB)
Westpack Code of Conduct