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This entry was posted November 26, 2018
Amsterdam Jewellery Box: Now Made in Denmark

Amsterdam is popular; it satisfies a large and growing demand among many customers: web shop boxes!

Four years after launching the versatile shipment box, it is time for a facelift. We have not fiddled with the 20 mm height nor the sturdy construction. However, the production has been moved to Denmark, and this has allowed us to introduce a new colour and make the box even cooler.

Sales manager Henrik Hansen says, "We decided to pull production out of Amsterdam and back to Denmark, so now it is being made in our very own factory in Holstebro. In connection with this, we had the opportunity to change the design so the box now looks more modern, without compromising functionality."


The main change is the grip on the side, which was previously rounded, but has now been changed into elegant graphical lines. The box now stands out even more sharply – as does the price. "We have had the opportunity to optimise some processes, and those savings are passed on directly to our customers through a lower sales price," says Henrik, who does, however, acknowledge one other change.

No more satin

Previously, a satin ribbon was included for packing the jewellery. Henrik explains that it has now been removed: "We discovered that numerous customers were not using this feature. We therefore decided that it was pointless to use resources and materials to include it – so now the ribbon is being sold separately for those customers who do want to use it."

Amsterdam Jewellery Box: Now Made in Denmark
Amsterdam Jewellery Box: Now Made in Denmark
Amsterdam Jewellery Box: Now Made in Denmark


Everyone loves grey

Apart from the design changes, the black and white Amsterdams are now been joined by a grey version.

"Grey jewellery boxes are incredibly popular, which is why we added grey to the Amsterdam line," says Henrik, before concluding with a comment about quality, "We have chosen to use the exact same grey, white and black colours as for Boston and Frankfurt, but we have kept the characteristic surface of the Amsterdam box, which continues to be matte and smooth."

Naturally, Amsterdam is oxidation tested, and you are welcome to order a free sample; just click the box you want and select the gift icon.

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