Can you hear the wedding bells chiming? What will you do about the rings?

This entry was posted May 8, 2018
Beautiful Jewellery Boxes for Wedding Rings

Organizing the perfect wedding is all about the details. As a jeweller you usually get involved early on when the engagement rings need to be picked out. Often, you are also involved when the wedding bands need to be selected, or when they need to be engraved. Even bridal jewellery is big business nowadays.

How about offering the happy couple a little something extra? We have a couple of suggestions for you.

How to safe-keep the rings during the ceremony

Many grooms and best men might ask themselves what to do with the wedding rings during the ceremony. After the bride and groom have said I DO, the weddings rings are exchanged. But what if you drop rings to the floor or they get stuck in your pocket?

Here are two exceptionally good ideas for safe-keeping the rings, perfect for the pocket:


This box is just 19 mm high, and has a foam insert perfect for two rings. The box is made of card board, closes with a hidden magnet, and has an integral cover cloth. The box is available in black and pearl ivory. Order from just 48 pcs. Branding with your logo is free of charge.

View the box


The small leatherette pouch is excellent for wedding rings as it holds each ring in its separate pocket. The pouch closes with a small popper. Order from just 5 pcs. Branding with your logo is free of charge

View the pouch

The perfect box for the engagement ring

Before any wedding, a proposal usually takes place. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good jewellery box when the question is popped. Make sure the box matches the style of your engagement rings, but also matches the future bride and groom. Maybe you need a few different boxes, so the groom can choose the perfect box for his proposal?

3 excellent ring boxes:

- Berlin: An exquisite wooden box – Superb packaging for a stunning diamond ring
- Baltimore: A retro box coated with velour – A classic design as known from Hollywood films
- Oslo: Simple and contemporary – E.g. white on the outside and black on the inside

There are many other possibilities for the perfect ring box. If you are looking for something different, take a look at our heart-shaped box in red or a fancy round box. .

View all ring boxes and find the perfect box for the big question!

Outstanding shiny rings

Of course, the rings shine bright like a diamond when you hand them over, because you will have carefully polished and cleaned it. But to help your customers keep the rings shiny, a Hagerty polishing cloth is the giveaway.
View the Hagerty cloths

Extra secure bridal jewellery

Have you ever considered selling a pair of LOX earring backs to your brides, along with your bridal jewellery? After all, no bride wants to lose an earring on the big day!
Learn more about the LOX

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