2-in-1: The sophisticated way

This entry was posted May 20, 2019

We expanded the beloved Oslo-series with a new model that has a reversible insert.

The Oslo jewellery box is a contemporary box with clean lines and an elegant texture, favourable prices, and a large selection of different varieties. However, we felt that the series was not entirely complete; one type of box was stilling missing.

A reversible insert

At first glance, this new box looks exactly like the ring box we already have in our product range. The boxes have the same finish and are the same size. However, when you open the box, the difference becomes clear.

Oslo Jewellery Boxes: Beautiful & Sophisticated
Oslo Jewellery Boxes: Beautiful & Sophisticated

Face-up you see the insert designed for rings. The velour-coated clip can be used even for the widest rings. Pull the strap at the top of the insert to remove it and flip it over. The face-down side of the insert is designed for earrings. The insert pops up in a 45° degree, making it perfect for small earrings and studs, that otherwise would drown in a large box.

Isn’t that just clever? You need just the one jewellery box for both rings and earrings.

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Oslo jewellery boxes are high-end jewellery boxes with a hinged lid. The boxes are coated with textured paper that has an elegant leather-look. The boxes are available in several different colour combinations. Each box contains a velour-coated insert. The lid is lined with satin. Your logo may be branded inside the lid or on top of the lid.

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