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This entry was posted April 3, 2019
Wooden displays for your Jewellery store

Dark wood is a hit within the interior design! We make it easy for you to incorporate this trend in your window displays.

Westpack’s wooden display series is well-known in the jewellery trade. The contemporary glossy white and glossy back displays have found their way to many a shop window in Europe.

However, in recent years a natural, pure look has increased in popularity, and more and more customers began to request unpainted wooden displays. The customer feedback led to us expanding this popular range with a dark stained wooden version; a version where the natural grain of the wood is not hidden underneath a thick layer of lacquered paint.

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Sales Manager, Henrik Hansen, elaborates: "Dark wood, earthy colours and a natural look are very popular today. This new display series combines classic dark stained wood with the contemporary clean lines of our display series. These displays look very high-end and give your shop window an upscale look. "

The prototypes of the new displays sparked excitement with Hansen. “The samples we received first matched the original display series very well. At the same time, they look completely different, because of the beautiful dark wood and its clear grain. I felt they were the perfect addition to our product range.”

Wooden displays for your Jewellery store
Wooden displays for your Jewellery store

Alluring Ash

The dark grain and clear texture of the wood are exactly why we make the displays from this particular type of wood: Ash. This type of hardwood is well known for its durability, lightness, and its clear grain, both qualities that matter for displays.

Henrik clarifies: "It is important that we can see the products are made from real wood, with its specific texture, in weight and grain. Ashwood is one of the few types that can be stained without losing the grain or texture. We used a dark stain to give these displays an upscale look, applied no less than four times to get the specific look we wanted to create.”

Just like with all our displays and other products, the displays are tarnish-tested and will not accelerate the tarnishing process of silver jewellery. Clean these displays as you would your other displays, with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents and detergents.

Embrace Diversity

We might as well say it as it is; you will not find two pieces that are exactly the same. After all, the displays are made from organic material cut to size, that is then processed and sanded to give the displays a high-end look. Each part will have its own grain and texture and, making each display a unique piece. We embrace the diversity of these displays because it emphasises a natural and pure look. We simply love the high-end showcases they enable us to make.

If you need a completely uniform set of displays, we recommend that you pick the glossy lacquered displays.

The dark stained displays are available in the most popular models of this range and can therefore perfectly be combined with the glossy lacquered displays.

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