London 2.0

This entry was posted September 19, 2018
London 2.0 - A Luxurious Jewellery Box

It's been almost one year since we proudly presented London – our first cardboard box in the luxury category. Now, the box has received an upgrade.

The upgrade is easy to see – and more importantly feel: The beautiful sandwich box in stylish black nuances now comes with a new surface. The material is still cardboard, but instead of the classic matte, the surface is now soft-touch – and even blacker than before.

But why?

Sales manager Henrik Hansen explains, "We love London. And our customers have embraced it. But London simply has so much more potential – which is why we have decided to upgrade the box with a new material."

No greasy fingers

And it was hardly a coincidence that we decided upon this soft-touch surface: "Westpack never makes random decisions about the choice of materials," says Henrik.

"We have a team of designers and specialists involved throughout the entire process. For London 2.0, we fell for the soft, high-quality surface; normally you can clearly see greasy fingers on a soft-touch surface, but not on this one. And we also loved the deep, black colour and the opportunity for the edges of the boxes to be even more pronounced."

Even though the surface is different, the name remains the same because the look is identical and it has all the qualities of the original – now discontinued – London, with a luxurious coating and the elegant sandwich effect.

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