London – a new luxury jewellery box

This entry was posted October 13, 2017
London Jewellery Box

We are proud to present London – an elegant cardboard jewellery box in the luxury segment.

London is a modern luxury cardboard jewellery box, with a contemporary feel. This striking jewellery box is made "sandwich-style", using two contrasting materials: mat black for the lid and base, and glossy black for the collar. The matt finish and clean lines of the jewellery box match the minimalistic Scandinavian style.

The boxes can be combined with our bestselling Boston jewellery boxes, thus opening up for the possibility of using London jewellery boxes as a complementary series to Boston, for when your more luxurious jewellery boxes deserve special treatment.

Each box contains a versatile foam insert with velour topcoat and has a built-in cover cloth that adds a bit of luxury to your boxes and ensures optimal protection of your jewellery.

Henrik Hansen, the sales manager at Westpack, talks about the addition: ”Over the past few years, we have seen more and more customers abandon plastic jewellery boxes, in favour for cardboard boxes. Adding a new luxury cardboard box to our product range is, therefore, a logical next step for us.”

Henrik is quite excited about this new box series: “London appeals to those customers that like modern minimalism, Scandinavian design and modern shapes. And let us be honest, with black-on-black you can never go wrong”.

We have presented the London jewellery boxes to a wide European audience, at the autumn jewellery shows, and we see that the boxes are very well received by our customers. Henrik says: “Customers really seem to like the jewellery box, especially when they open the boxes and find a luxury cover cloth, which just adds to a more luxurious experience”.

View the selection of London jewellery boxes and order a free sample.

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